buyer guide - best shoe brands list 2020

Footwear is embraced to be a sharpness of one person like other people look out for which shoe brands are worn and how and view accordingly. That’s why, the footwear industry is going through a hustle and growth today, People are on the lookout for more fashion and love to cherish the diversity of shoes which allows them to match different shoes with different outfits on different occasions.

A good selection of the best shoe brand can say a lot about a person’s personality as it collects a person’s taste and fashion sense, a decent selection of shoes can present class symbols and statuses.

Because of all these reasons, people prefer to have a dynamic range of choices while buying shoes. Thus, this diversity questions for criteria which includes product brand, and peoples need.

Shoe brand name and popularity are a significant factor for a person to buy shoes, what comfort, durability, or material or the style a brand provides is very important to be known. People’s need is also one factor that brings money to the manufacturers, casual shoes, sports shoes, formal or any shoe a person wants to wear is essential.

10 Best shoe brands list

  1. NIKE
  4. VANS
  8. PUMA

To make it a little easy for you all to make the right decision in choosing a brand or shoe, we provide you with the list of Top 10 Shoe brands list to look out for a while fulfilling your need.

Here we will review the 10 best shoe brands.


best shoe brands list

Nike is one the largest supplier of Athletic shoes all around the globe,

Its sales are around billions of dollars per year and are one of the most valuable shoe brand up-to-date. Nike is known for its excellent durability, comfort, attractive, stylish and expensive casual or sports wears. Nike is also into apparel branding and accessories with its shoe marketing and sales and is one of the biggest shoe company.

Nike provides the best out of your expensive put up of money on a shoe. Nike offers the best sport/athletic shoes all around the world and is primarily known for it. Nike also has a foot in casual wear where it stands firm but is overtaken by some other brands as it isn’t that good enough. Nonetheless, Nike has the durability comfort and flexibility in their shoes to be one of the top 10 shoe brands of the world.

So if you have your pockets full enough and want to spend the right amount for a great Athletic/sports shoe, Nike is one of the best options to fetch a pair off.


best shoe brands list

Adidas is one of the biggest manufacturers of shoes in the world and also provides a range of functional apparel. Adidas has worked with its advanced technology in making its shoes and provide ultra-comfortable pairs with stylish look, flexibility, and versatility.

Adidas provides a vast range of Athletic shoes which are much wanted in Pakistan with its extreme comfort and effortless running experience people prefer buying Adidas when willing to choose athletic shoes and have always been satisfied with its experience.

So, if you’re looking for good pairs of Athletic shoes, Adidas can be your choice as it stands in the top shoe brands up to date, and with its dynamic range of shoes to select from as it has won itself some good subscription.


best shoe brands list

If you’re on the look for the latest design and fashion, Jordan is it. Jordan has made itself a fashion statement in today’s world. This multinational company is a beast in the footwear industry and doesn’t require any introduction to itself. Jordan has long been a sports sponsor for a lot of athletes and is one of the most famous shoe brand right now in the world.

Jordan has a diverse product range. It has made itself a profound portfolio by making its durable and attractive shoes, stylish and new eye-catching designs. Jordan also provides versatility in its boots and makes it look beau by adding colours and unique designs to it

Jordan is costly on pockets, but if you look thoroughly, you will worth it. If you think spending some more money on Jordan than other brands can be worth it, then you can be right. It is an excellent shot to shoot when you want something new.


best shoe brands list

In the world of aesthetics, nothing can be more aesthetic in footwear than vans. Vans have made itself a significant market in the upcoming years by making good looking, durable, and aesthetic shoes and have subscribed to high demand for shoes.

Vans have provided tremendous aggressive looks to its shoes. Still, not only that it is also durable and comfortable in most situations, but it also offers excellent sportswear with a wide range of products. It is very wise in its performance when tested, as the young generation lookout for an extraordinarily wide range of aesthetic shoes, vans provide that to them.

Vans are very average price ranged, and it has promoted great positivity in its shoe brand and is worth the money. Vans are in the top brands of shoemaking because of its quality and durability, which is what most people look for while buying shoes.


best shoe brands list - CONVERSE

The converse is the easily recognizable brand and is one of the oldest and still one of the best shoe brands in the market, the converse is famous because of its unique long look design and its distinct features since day one and also for its good looks.

Converse has the long boot look with its Star insignia Wrap-around strip, smooth and rounded toe, cloth type material, which is very comfortable in a variety of conditions. Alongside its rubber sole provides an excellent grip for slippery floors, it gives a vast range of colours and dynamic designs. Converse are very aesthetic and good looking. Converse had a time of their fashion, and since then, it is still going on. Some people prefer to wear converse daily because of their comfort.

Vans are low of pocket and are a perfect choice, and that’s the reason why they are in the top list of brands and is the right choice if you Want excellent casual wear for all year.


UNDER ARMOUR - list of best shoe brands

Under Armour is one of the top brands of shoemaking up-to-date,

Under Armour are a choice of the young generation and people who choose durability over anything. Under Armour provides shoes for men, women, and for different professional players and also apparel wears, which is also of outstanding quality. Under Armour has a lot of brand ambassadors to its name.

Under Armour provides sound design and durable shoes, which are very lasting, comfortable, and flexible. They give a variety of shoe choices to its customer for choosing casual sportswear and stands tall in both aspects with its premium comfort and attractive designs.

Under Armour is costly, but if you look at its shoe capabilities, then its brilliant performance makes it is wisely worth the money for the great.


REEBOK - list of best shoe brands

Reebok roams around fitness and athleticism, sports and other workouts. Reebok is inspiring and very innovative in its production. Reebok is known for its sports shoes and is in the Top 10 brands and is one of the most famous shoe brands in the world right now.

Reebok provides a vast range of sports shoes today, which are a fundamental choice for right old users of Reebok because of its comfort, fantastic fit, and compatibility. Reebok has always been a top brand name when it came to making the best athletic shoes and is also used in different sports up-to-date in the world Reebok started as traditional wear. Still, since its transition to athletic shoes, it has never looked back and is going strong and staying in the top 10 brands spot.

Reebok shoes are averagely priced, its shoe price range depends on what the shoe quality and capabilities are, average running boots can cost regular. At the same time, some with personal work can be heavy on the pocket.

If you have to choose one of the comfortable and durable pair and are confused, you can always rest on Reebok, it never disappoints.


Puma - list of best shoe brands

Puma is one of the top brands in the market nowadays, it designs and manufactures shoes for skating, sports, and casual footwear, which are very durable, comfortable, and stylish. Puma has been a famous brand for a long time now and is used worldwide because of the trust people put on Puma.

Puma has a great, and a big range of shoes, from sports to casual Puma has it all with its panther sticker, which is brilliant. Puma sports shoes are up to every other top brand because of its comfort and durability, and its casual shoes are as always good looking and comfortable that is why Puma is in the best brands nowadays.

Puma has a high range of prices because of its quality, and it provides premium quality which gives shoes a long life and has fantastic performance in different weather conditions. So, if you want a forever like shoe, Puma is always a good look after.


NEW BALANCE - best shoe brands list

New balance is a mixture of Good looks and comfort. It has offered a top quality of stylish, durable, expensive athletic and casual shoes. New Balance shoes are innovative with all the latest technology.

New Balance, one of the best shoe brand, provides a vast range of athletic and casual shoes, which is impressively good looking and comfortable in the foot. New balance has made a great fan base because of its right choice of innovation with athletics by making hybrid shoes as they are preferred by the right amount of people now.

New Balance shoes are Expensive but as the designs and comfort. They provide the expense that is justified. Its sleek design and Luxurious comfort make it worth every penny, and if good looking shows with comfort matters to you, this is your brand.


list of best shoe brands - SKETCHERS

Sketchers are known for their long-lasting Athletic shoes all over the world and is thus one of the best shoe brand. Its brilliance in quality and make of the shoe makes it the third-largest brand of shoes in the USA. These shoes are quite recommendable as people prefer it over a lot of known brands because of their individuality and uniqueness.

Sketchers provide a vast range of athletic shoes. They have shown significant progress in the recent years also as an apparel brand, sketchers shoes are comfortable, durable, flexible and can be used in any condition throughout the year and can Provide Extreme comfort to your feet.

Sketchers have endorsed a close price range on their shoes, which makes it easy for people to buy, some boots may cost a lot, but you’ll worth having it.

Hopefully, the provided details and selection of the best shoe brands list will help you out in picking up the most suitable one for yourself.