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5 Best shoes for a long walk [2020 buyer guide]

Are you looking to get new shoes? We’ve got you covered, here is the list of best shoes for a long walk. Walking is a part of our everyday life, whether if you run, hike, or go for long walks. This is considered as a side hobby for exercise and running. Honestly, it is not like that at all because, at any cost, we cannot neglect our feet as a part of the process, so if you do nothing and still go from one place from another, you are walking.

If you are doing groceries, workout, running, walking, hangouts, all of them include an extra effort from our inner self and cause some high pressure on our feet. That’s why it is crucial to have high shoes; there are few things to enlist before getting new ones.

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Features of the best shoes for a long walk.

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Design/ style
  • Breathable
  • Features
  • Arch support
  • Traction
  • Outsole/midsole
  • Weight
  • And most importantly the price

Keeping all these things in mind, there are few shoes to contemplate before getting a new long-distance walking shoe.

Here we will review the 5 best shoes for a long walk.

5 Best Shoes For Long Walks

  1. New balance men’s MW411v2 walking shoe
shoes for long walks

The updated second version of the new balance men’s MW411v2 walking shoe is so much comfortable lined with breathable material, bulky appearance state the fact of solid sole with some shock absorption systems and has a cushioned footbed on the inside. With all these peculiar characteristics, don’t think of them as heavyweight; instead, they are very lightweight, and the secret is in the midsole and outsole, which are made of super-light rubber compounds.

Customary lace-up with extra eyelets give a secure, snugged, and lockdown fit while walking. It brings the durability of a shoe which made sound rubber and solid upper material on the outsole make the best shoes for long walks.

One of the amazing things for those who are low on budget and don’t go for the extra mile to get a new pair either they are not comfortable with a new insole. You don’t have to replace a whole shoe. The new balance men’s MW411 has a beneficial detail to remove the insole and replace it with another one you want to.

Pros: and cons:

Pros: Cons:
Cushion/fluffy No arch support
Breathable Stiff
Removable insole  
Soft fabric lining  
  1. Brooks women’s addiction walker walking shoes
Brooks women's addiction walker walking shoes

When it comes to women’s shoes, they look for every single thing in a one or a real, wholesome shoe. In general, women tend to do more exercise, workout, jogging, and multiple physical activities as a part of their daily routine, so it is crucial to have some excellent grip and comfort to your feet’s while doing everything.

As you may already know, women do pay much attention to the price tag. So, considering all these things in mind brooks women addiction walker walking shoes give all that in. It provides excellent comfort and cushioning with a heel segmented crash pad, which is very comfortable.

Pros: and Cons:

Pros: Cons:
Heel segmented crash pas Heavy for long-distance
Breathable No color options
BioMoGo DNA midsole Zero flexibility
Durable HPR plus outsole Traction is not excellent on damp sufraces.
Great support  
Affordable price  
Great cushioning and comfortable  
  1. Sketchers go walk 3 men slip-on shoe
Sketchers go walk 3 men slip-on shoe

Skechers have made their shoes with the GOga mat technology, which is made out of the yoga mat material to provide comfort and cushion support to handle the impact on your feet.

These shoes are specifically designed for those who have problems with foot and knee discomfort, arthritis, and neuropathic pain.

However, the name says at all these are the mesh slip-on for a reason. They don’t have laces to tie, super light in weight, treadmill friendly, great design with more airflow, and quite the right amount of color options.

These shoes can keep you supple on the treadmill, indoor walks, or a rainy day because the soles of GO walk 3 vary to different situations. It ensures that your feet are always insecure fit and support that you never trip off. But, to keep this in mind that these shoes are not for running purposes, and you can easily slip on while running.

Pros: and Cons:

Pros: Cons:
Slips-on’s to get away with laces Color fades out after sometime
Washable Shrunk a bit after wash
Long durability  
Unisex shoe  
Helpfull for ankle pains  
  1. Reebok men’s cloud ride DMX 3.0 walking shoes
reebok men's cloudride dmx 3.0 walking shoes

This reebok shoe created such a badass image for its unique design. This sneaker is not meant to be for running, but the purpose is to provide comfort with DMX and VHR cushioning material for long-distance walking and give a stylish and attractive look.

It is an orthopedic walking shoe, or in case of injuries, diabetics, and structural issues, they are very well cushioned midsole with a comfortable upper. The midfoot area provides memory tech massage to ensure that those circulation issues don’t feel numb after wearing the shoes for an extended period.

Unlike the other orthopedic shoes, the reebok cloud ride shoes are way more classy and colourful with the colour distinctions for men and women.

Pros: and Cons:

Pros: Cons:
Helps in circulation Not suitable for narrow feet
Good arch support Feel stiff
Multiple color options  
Attractive design  
Soft and secure  
Long-lasting cushioning  
  1. New balance men’s MW877 walking shoes
New balance men's MW877 walking shoes

The new balance men’s MW877 are an extraordinary pair of sneakers. It includes the rubber outsole to ensure the durability and flexibility for a longer time. The traction of MW877 walking shoe combines the tread pattern to make a great posture no matter what kind of surface you are walking on. Midsole foam gives stellar shock absorption and protects your joints from causing pain and discomfort.

The upper material is mesh which helps air to flow freely. Not only to cool down your feet but to escape the moisture from the foot chamber, which is the best shoe for a long walk. Otherwise, smelling of sweat can take a heavy toll on your personality; however, thanks to the breathable.

Pros: and Cons:

Pros: Cons:
All-day comfort Not lightweight
Deep toe box Short tongue
Width options It will be treated for your feet
Great support  
Reasonable price