how to clean white mesh shoes

            Everybody wears shoes in daily routine life, and especially if you are a shoe lover then you must have two to three pairs of white mesh shoes. White mesh shoes are attractive ones, but they are not easy to handle. Because the white color is transparent, so it gets dirty very quickly and it absorbs dirt and mud very fast. And when the white shoes have dust particles on them, they do not look good at all and all the attraction of these shoes fades.

In such a situation, the person becomes anxious and thinks about how to clean white mesh shoes. But do not worry at all; in this article we will share some of the best ways to clean your white mesh shoes, using which you can renew your shoes. If you study carefully, you will know how to clean white shoes easily. When you are cleaning shoes you should leave the rest of your work and focus and then see how much talent you have inside.

Let me share with you some useful steps you need to apply without wasting time.

Simple Procedures about How to Clean White Mesh Shoes:

            Basically, you start protecting your shoes as soon as you take them out of the box. The safer you keep your shoes with use, the easier they will be to clean and the longer your shoes will be last.

Try to apply a protective layer on the shoes after use so that they do not absorb the dust. There should also be a proper place in the house for shoes where you can store them in the right manner after use. Let’s come to the point and discuss about how to clean shoes properly.

#1 Brush Regularly:

First of all, you need to have a good quality brush for cleaning shoes. You can easily remove stubborn dirt particles with the help of a brush, but be careful not to rub it too hard when using the brush otherwise, it will ruin the shoes. And instead of cleaning the shoe and making it new, you will make your shoe worse and it may not able to wear.

Stay calm and apply force carefully and remove satins slowly. If you do not have a special shoe brush, you can use a toothbrush, but do not use it again in cleaning your teeth. Clean your shoes with a brush as you clean your leather shoes with soft hands.

#2 Cleaning White Mesh Shoes with Self Created Formula:

Now on number two, the method we are talking about is very simple and effective. You can use a few easily available items at home to make a self-made solution that allows you to easily clean your white shoes.

There are some natural cleaning agents that can be mixed together in boiling water to make the best cleaning solution. In preparation for this solution, acquire a small bowl and mix hot water along with any laundry detergent. In preparing the solution, make sure that you have to prepare a soapy and light solution.

Top Tip: When cleaning shoes, avoid bleaching them, as the bleaching process can damage the white shoes.

#3 Must Wash your Shoes on a Regular Basis:

In addition to brush your shoes, you must wash your shoes from time to time. The washing process not only removes dirt from the surface but also removes stubborn particles inside the shoe that we do not see.

You should have a soft cloth and your own ready-made cleaning formula to wash your shoes well. The next step in shoe washing is to be adopted is that, apply the solution on the cloth and then thoroughly clean all the surfaces of the shoe with the help of a cloth.

Do not forget to wash the shoes after rubbing the cloth soaked in the solution on the shoes. Repeat this process as needed.

Top Tip: There are some hard particles that can be removed by using a brush instead of cloth. Here are some examples of such dirty particles; grease, embedded dirt, and grass stains.

#4 Soap Must be Rinse Away:

In process of how to clean white mesh shoes, take special care to remove soap or solution particles from the surfaces of the shoes thoroughly. You can complete this process with another cloth and a little water.

You can clean the outer surface of the shoe with help of this damp and very soft cloth. Keep in mind that soaking your shoes completely in water can cause damage. This can lead to such damage that may not even result in shoe repair.

It can also damage the adhesive material used in shoes.

#5 Must Dry Your Shoes:

After washing your shoes, keep them in a dry place with proper ventilation and sun protection. But remember that the sun should not be too bright; otherwise, the shoes will be damaged. Try to wrap the shoes in a newspaper or towel when drying.

This will not damage the shape of the shoes. Avoid keeping shoes in a damp place. Do not be careless while cleaning so hard that your slightest carelessness does not cause to harm your shoes, so keep safety precautions in mind.

#6 Spray your Shoes with Vinegar:

First make sure that the shoes are properly dried, then do not forget to spray vinegar to remove the remaining stubborn stains on them. Then put the shoes in a place where the sunlight does not fall directly on the shoes.

Leave the shoes lying in such a place for about half or max one hour.

#7 Use Cold Water:

Following the procedure of how to wash shoes, use cold water. Avoid using hot water as hot water leaves bad effects on the surface of the shoes, and it destroys the beauty of your white mesh shoes.

Use cold water during the washing process and dry the shoes properly after washing them. If you will wash your white mesh shoes following these tips, believe me, your shoes will look alike brand new.

Tips about How to Care for Your Shoes Properly:

            We buy and wear shoes, but they also need proper care so that your shoes do not deteriorate quickly. I would like to share with you some tips that will get you the best results if you apply.

#1 Avoid Washing in Machine:

Every time following the process of how to clean white mesh shoes, do not wash your shoes in a machine. Remember that washing shoes in the machine are not good at all, it will either ruin your shoes or minimum shorter their life.

Do not use shortcuts to wash your shoes quickly because it may cause damaging them.

#2 Proper Air:

Remember that just as your skin needs proper air, so do your shoes. So choose a suitable for your shoes where the air passes properly. The lack of air also creates moisture and odor in the shoes.

#3 Constantly Wearing:

If you have only one pair of shoes, even wearing them constantly can ruin your shoes very quickly. So even if you do not buy very expensive, you must buy at least two pairs of shoes, and wear them alternately.

Wearing alternate shoes gives the shoes a little rest and thus they do not deteriorate quickly.

#4 Must Dry Your Feet:

Before wearing shoes, make sure your feet are dry. Moist feet not only damage the shoes and make them stink, but they are also not good for your feet. It may be the reason for producing disease in your feet that can make you discomfort.

#5 Do not Forget to Wipe:

If any liquid or dirt particles get into the shoes, get them out of your shoes as soon as possible. Do not be late, especially when you are wearing white mesh shoes.

#6 Do Not Use Heater:

Whenever there is moisture in your shoes, dry them in sunlight. Avoid using a hairdryer or drying your shoes in front of the gas heater. Doing so can be very dangerous for your shoes.

What to do if Shoes are not being cleaned after following the Procedure:

            If you have applied the proper method for washing your white mesh shoes as I have shared with you, your shoes must be cleaned. But still, if you are having trouble and your shoes are not clean enough then I think the life of your shoes is over.

Every shoe has a specific life, if you protect it well you can significantly increase its life. But if you use your shoes roughly and do not protect them properly, they will expire before time. And if your shoes are not being cleaned properly and they have lost their shine, then understand that their life is over and it is time to change your shoes.

Buy new shoes and use them carefully, try not to buy too expensive shoes so you can buy more than one pair. This way you will have more collection and you will be able to wear them alternately which will make your shoes last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean white mesh Nike shoes? OR
How to clean white mesh tennis shoes?

You can clean your white mesh Nike or tennis shoes by following some simple steps;
• Brush your white mesh shoes on a regular basis
• Clean them from time to time by self-made cleaning formula
• After the cleaning process rinse the soap away from
• Dry them properly
• Spray vinegar on your shoes and dry them
• Always use cold water in the cleaning process

What precautionary to be adopted to keep the shoe brand new?

Here I will tell you some unique ideas that will keep your shoe brand new;
• Do not clean your white shoes in the washing machine
• Do not bleach white mesh shoes
• Keep them in an airy place
• Do not dry them using a gas heater or dryer
• Always wear shoes with dry feet

How can I use my white mesh shoes for a long period of time?

You can use your white mesh shoes for long period by cleaning them properly and try to buy a minimum of two pairs of shoes so that you wear them alternately.


            Obliviously the shoes are your own and if you do not protect them and do not wash them following the proper process as I told in detail “how to clean white mesh shoes”, you will probably ruin your shoes before their expiry. I hope you will do your best to save your money from being wasted for no reason.

            Through this article, I have tried to make sure that your white mesh shoes remain bright and able to be worn again after cleaning them thoroughly. And when you do it in practice, you will realize that it is not a very difficult task. Also, be careful not to use the shoes when they have expired and buy new shoes.

            I will be waiting for your valuable feedback, please let us know by commenting on this post. Thank You.