10 Easy Tips on How to Make Shoes non slip in 2020

If you work in a restaurant, walk long distances or work in a place where you are always at a risk of slipping, this risk should be minimized so that you can feel relax. Most people in this era, for example, nurses, technicians, and workers show smartness and select shoes that are slip-resistant.

But if you have slippery shoes and are not in a position to buy new ones or want to save money, do not worry, we will tell you some useful ways that how to make shoes non slip. Wearing slip-resistance shoes can speed up your work as well as relax your feet. If making shoes non-slip allows you to do your job easily and walk longer without any risk, why not try this method. Non-slip shoes provide extra comfort and support while working in different job areas.

How to Make Shoes Non-Slip:

Well, there are many ways to make shoes non-slip, but many of these methods are very difficult and not easy to apply. Do not spend too much money on the process of making non-skid shoes. Instead, use methods that are cheap and easy. We share with you a few such valuable ways without wasting time. Read carefully and make your life easier by applying these methods that you think are suitable for you according to your shoe style.

10 Tips to make your shoes slip-resistant

#1 By Scuffing the Sole of Shoes

Writing about how to make shoes non-slip, firstly I want to share with you a method in which you have to scuff the sole of your shoes. This tip is very helpful, particularly if you want to improve the grip of your boots or work shoes.

By scuffing the sole or base of your shoe, you can provide its grip, which is very helpful in making your shoe slip-resistant. To complete this method you just have to give your shoes such additional grip and traction to scratch its soles.

You easily can scrape the sole of the shoe by using abrasive surfaces such as rough concrete or gravel. Remember, if you have a new pair of shoes, then note that these are slippery because your shoes most likely have a perfectly soft sole. The longer you wear new shoes, the more they will automatically become slip-resistance.

#2 Using Abrasive or Sandpaper on Sole of Shoes

Making non-slip work shoes, this method is also very easy and helpful in which you have to abrade the sole of your shoes by directly using an abrasive or sandpaper. This method can be used as a great alternative if you have a situation that makes it difficult to scuff the sole of your shoes.

This way you do not have to wait for the shoes to get old have slip-resistance. So do not worry and use this method to make your shoes non-slip. You need sandpaper or abrasive paper to complete this procedure, take off your shoes, and easily apply abrasive paper to the sole of the shoes to make it slip-resistance.

When applying this method, be careful to only target the part of the shoe that is smooth directly touches the floor. Continue this process with abrasive or sandpaper until it is clear that the shoe is working well.

You can also use fine sandpaper or abrasive paper to complete this process but remember that it must have a grade 50. And keep in mind that fine quality sandpaper is not suitable for all types of soles. It may not work for sandals or shoes with plain sole and all your hard work will be wasted. So caution is better than wasting your valuable time.

#3 Stick Only Two Adhesive Bandages

This method is very useful, especially when you are wearing shoes that eliminate the grip of your feet on the floor. It is not necessary that you have bought very high-quality shoes and they will be slip-resistance. All you have to do is taking two high-quality abrasive bandages and stick them on the inside of the shoes. Make sure you keep the bandages on the side of the heel, which will increase the grip of your foot even more.

Applying this method will significantly increase the grip of your feet and you will avoid falling. This method is very suitable for you when you have very little time and you have to go to work in a hurry. But be careful and stick the abrasive bandages very carefully. You will be amazed at how easily you have solved such a huge problem.

#4 Must Take Advantage from a Grip Pad or Nail File

In making an effort that how to make shoes non-slip, you also have the option to make your shoe slip-resistance by using a nail file. You have to use the nail file just like you use abrasive paper or sandpaper.

Apply the nail file on the parts of the shoes that are smooth and which touch the floor directly, rub the parts with the help of the nail file. If possible, choose a nail file made with metal as it performs quite well.

It depends upon you that you can also use the emery board to complete this process. Be sure to choose a coarser nail file just like sandpaper it will give you good results. If the footwear of your shoes is very old or damaged, it is better to use a grip pad.

This way you have to place the textured pads inside the sole of the shoes. Keep in mind to choose only those grip pads that are very good in quality. Let me tell you that grip pads are not easily available in the market and are not so cheap, so this method may not be easy for you. Always follow the method that is most convenient for you.

#5 Making Shoes Non-Slip with the Help of Hair Spray or Spray Pad

Another very effective and efficient way to make non-slip work shoes is to use spray pads. This method is used as the best alternative to abrasive pads and is also called the spray-on coating method. Let me tell you that spray pads are available in a very beautiful and unique style so it is easy for you to choose, they are the best for your footwear.

Hair spray is also helpful in fixing the slippery surface of the shoes so you can also use hair spray in this process. You have to apply a lot of hair spray on the sole of the shoe to adopt this method. Remember that you should spray on the sole of the shoe for about an hour before going to work and thus you will get the best results. This makes it very easy for you when you have no choice. So at least it is temporary but an effective solution for you in hard times.

#6 Using Puff Paint

Another very simple way to make your shoes less slippery is to use puff paint. This is basically the paint that children use in arts and designing work. The special thing about puff paint is that as soon as it dries, you can get a textured and rough surface from it. And using it, you can make your shoe slip-resistance, which I think is the easiest way. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of puff paint to the sole of the shoe.

Do not wear shoes immediately after applying the puff paint, but first, leave them somewhere to dry for a couple of hours. Once completely dry you can wear shoes and you will find that this method is much effective than using hair spray. While this method is more effective than using the hair spray, there is a down side to it, and that is not a permanent solution to slip-resistance.

#7 Fixing Ankle Strap with Shoes

Another very simple and effective is to use an ankle strap with shoes. The ankle strap helps to keep your balance and allows you to work in a better way, and also prevents slip. Most importantly, it not only helps maintain your balance but also provides grip to your feet.

There are many shoes on the market that come with ankle straps but if you do not have such shoes then do this process at yourself. This is a permanent solution to prevent shoes from slipping. And I think when it comes to a permanent solution, it should be implemented without any delay. You can do it yourself at home with a little technical help. The biggest of doing your own thing is that your experience grows and you do not need others. All you need is an ankle strap to apply this method and understand that you are done.

#8 Attaching a Non-Slip Sole

Do not worry about how to make shoes non-slip, there are plenty of methods available and now I am going to share with you one of the best and very effective procedures among them. This is an interesting and effective solution that will help your shoes as long as their life is not bad and they will become the best slip-resistance shoes ever.

All you have to do is buy a slip-resistance sole that is readily available in the market and stick it under your shoes. Then you will see the perfection of it, your shoes will show such resistance against slip that you will be amazed.

Another special feature of this sole is that it not only resists slip but also provides comfort to your feet. As well as preventing slipping, it also gives a guarantee that it does not deteriorate quickly. It does not go bad for many years. And let me also added to your knowledge that is not very expensive and is easily available in the market. Considering the safety aspect, I do not think it is a very high price.

#9 Using a mixture of Rubber Glue and Salt or a Masking Tape

If you want to strengthen the grip of your shoes on the ground, the beauty of masking tape is that it gives you the best results very quickly. To take benefit of this, you need to apply a few layers of masking tape to the shoes.

For the best results, be sure to apply masking tape over the wide and flat parts of the shoe. You can also use rubber glue and salt to provide a textured surface to the sole of your shoe which is very useful in preventing slips. Remember, the stronger & most durable the grip, the lower the chances of slipping. You have to take some salt and mix it in glue to make a mixture and stick this mixture on the soles of the shoes. Let it dry for a while and then you can put on your shoes.

#10 Natural Process of Making Slip-Resistance Shoes

Making anti-slip shoes natural processes is one of the best among all. Indeed, shoes do not become slip-resistance so easily and quickly in a natural way. You have to wear shoes often and thus your shoes slowly start to resist slippery surfaces.

After a few days of walking, you can take advantage of this by removing the soft and silky surface of the shoe. As a precaution, one pair of shoes must be kept extra, as often the weather makes the shoes more slippery, so in that condition, you can change them easily. The natural way is very slow so I suggest you have an old pair of shoes that you have made slip-resistance by yourself to wear in the worst conditions. But one of the benefits of making shoe slip-resistance naturally is that you can at least enjoy the new shoes.

Benefits of Wearing Slip-Resistance Shoes

There are several benefits to wear anti-slip shoes, depending on the nature of your work. I would like to share with you some of the important benefits that will inspire you to take the necessary precautions and wear slip-resistance shoes. These are as under;

#1 Helpful in Reducing Accidents

There are many difficulties in working in restaurants, often due to the carelessness of others on the floor is left grease or oil that causes slipping. There is also water on the floor, which is another big danger.

It is important to wear slip-resistance shoes in this environment that greatly reduces your risk of slipping. And with a little care, you can avoid a major accident, even losing your precious life.

#2 Good against Oily Surfaces

Oil, as you know, is more slippery than water and is also harmful to your skin and health. If you fall to an oily place, you are also at risk of getting sick quickly. There are even some oils that can quickly cause cancer.

So in such an environment, if you wear slip-resistance shoes, you would be avoiding big trouble. So it turns out that anti-slip shoes are also very useful for easy walking on oily surfaces.

#3 Comfort

Slip-resistance shoes that have a thick rubber sole underneath are better than others. Anti-slip shoes not just protect while walking but also give support your feet when you have to work in long shifts.

Nurses have to stand instantly in night shifts for long working hours, that’s why slip-resistance shoes are very essential for them to provide extra comfort. Thick rubber sole shoes provide great comfort in difficult times.

It is great that slip-resistance shoes are doing a lot of things at once.

#4 Durability and Cost Effect

These shoes are made of thick rubber sole which makes their life much longer than other shoes. They do not deteriorate very quickly but last a very long time despite wearing more. You can also buy cheap shoes, but be aware that they may need to be replaced quickly. But I suggest you do not purchase cheap shoes, it is better to buy long-lasting shoes.

#5 Awesome Design

Slip-resistance shoes provide safety as well as they are also available in beautiful designs that significantly enhance your personality. The design of some shoes is so unique that the viewer may not even recognize that they are slip resistance shoes.

When choosing shoes, pay close attention to safety as well as design.

#6 Peace of Mind

When you are wearing slip-resistance shoes, you are not afraid to fall, no matter how long you walk. Whether you work in a hotel, in a hospital, or a workshop you feel calm and can work with peace of mind.

If your shoes are not slip-resistance, you must make them non slip as soon as possible by following the instructions given above. I think I have put a good idea in your mind and you will adopt the necessary safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make shoes non slip for a restaurant?

There are many procedures available to make your shoe slip-resistance to work in restaurants in the perfect direction. Some of the best methods to make your shoes non-slip for restaurants are as under;
• By using hair spray
• By sticking masking tape on the sole of the shoes
• By scuffing the sole of the shoes
• By attaching non-slip sole
• By using a mixture of glue and salt
• By fixing the ankle strap on your shoes
• By natural method
• With the help of a nail file
• By using abrasive or sandpaper

What are the benefits of making shoe slip-resistance?

No doubt wearing non slip shoes is the best option to avoid from accidents and to work in happy mode. I am going to disclose some of the best advantages of slip-resistance shoes with you. Some of these are as under;
• Helpful in reducing accidents
• Good against oily surfaces
• Will feel comfort
• Guaranteed in durability
• Peace of mind
• Will enhance your personality

What is the need for slip-resistance shoes?

There are many reasons why slip-resistance shoes are necessary, depending on the working environment. Obviously, the biggest reason for such shoes is that you work better while being safe.
Keep in mind that slipping can cause a major accident. You can avoid such accidents only if you are focused on safety parameters. An important component of this is slip-resistance shoes. These shoes reduce your risk of falling.
Most anti-slip shoes are designed to give you comfort during working. They are often made with the best arch support feature. In fact, wearing shoes that prevent you from falling and the risk of slipping is actually increasing your work performance.
Remember that wearing shoes that are not environmentally friendly can be dangerous for you.


Remember life is a beautiful blessing and we should take care of it. Must follow the method of how to make shoes non slip and you will feel a big change. With a little effort, not only you will feel easier to walk, but you will also be much safer from accidents.

So do not delay and must make your shoe slip-resistance by following the simple steps given above. When accidents happen, you as well as other members of your family also become anxious. So do not take it lightly and do your duty.

I hope I have shared with you some very simple and effective methods that can change your daily life by adopting them. Now it is up to you how you can act on it. I look forward to your valuable feedback, do not forget to share your experiences with me by commenting on this post.

Thank you and take good care of yourself.