Top 10 tips and tricks to pack shoes for moving in 2020

When you have to move somewhere, packing your best-selected shoes is an important component along with the rest of the work before you go. Shoes are an important part of the move and packing them is a wise thing to do. Not all shoes are the same but differ from each other in shape, weight, and design. So there are different ways to pack them so you can take your shoes safely to your destination.

Obviously, when you have to move, not all the shoes can reach the destination on their own. That’s why how to pack shoes for moving is a necessary thing to do. We know so much about you that you are a shoe lover, so if you have valued our opinion on packing your shoes, we will surely not disappoint you in this matter.

I will share with you some useful ways and best tips that you can follow to safely take your shoes with you on your journey. Without wasting any time let’s share important hacks with you while going to special destinations.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving:

Here are some things to keep in your mind when packing your shoes as you move to your destinations. We will tell you some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation of packing your shoes.

#1 Keep your Packing Supplies Ready

If you want to secure your shoes before the move, be sure to have the packing supplies always ready. I will share with you a list of packing supplies you may need so that you can easily prepare them in time. These are the things that are essential for shoes packing;

  • Packing tape
  • Your old shoes boxes
  • Moving boxes in different sizes
  • Packing paper of sober color
  • Permanent marker
  • Paper Cutter

Pro Tip: These items are essential for almost every move, so try to create a special toolbox for them separately.

#2 Always Choose Necessary Shoes

Adopting the process of how to pack shoes for moving, only choose shoes that are very important for you. There is no need to make your bag heavy for no reason and do not select those shoes while packing that you will not wear at all.

Prove wisdom by separating unnecessary shoes in advance. Say goodbye to damaged shoes and do not make them a part of your move. Keep in mind the environment and temperature of the area you are going to and finalize your selection accordingly. It is wise to make sure that you choose shoes that are eco-friendly and comfortable for your feet.

If the shoes are in good condition, try to donate or recycle them instead of throwing them in a dustbin. By doing this, you will also reduce the extra burden on you during the move and you will feel relaxed.

#3 Make Categories According to Shape

Take some time and first collect all your footwear then make them into different categories according to the wear. These different categories you can create such as flip flops, sneakers, sandals, and boots.

This will make your packing process much easier and you will be able to make the best selection according to your move. Choosing good shoes is the guarantee of the best and most comfortable journey. And it saves your time creating categories.

#4 Cleaning and Drying Shoes is the Main Part

Before packing, make sure your shoes are dry and clean. If you are going on a long journey, you should keep your shoes in good storage. Thoroughly clean dust particles from your shoes and dirt from the sole too.

After that applying, the process of how to clean your shoes must dry them. This will ensure that your shoes will not get damaged during your journey. And if you are moving to a new home, doing this will minimize the cleaning process there.

As well as being clean, make sure shoes are completely dry. If your shoes are wet while packing, it will increase the risk of damage. Spray antibacterial on the inside and outside of the shoes and reduce the risk of germs. While packing, you can also put a tea bag inside the shoes to keep them fresh.

Pro Tip: To clean your shoes properly must-read “how to clean your shoes” in this way you will able to clean and dry your precious shoes in the right manner.

#5 Stuff your Shoes With Socks or Paper

Remember that if you want to keep your shoes in natural shape, you must stuff them with socks or by using wrapping paper. Keep the upper surface of the shoes warm and wrap them in separate wrapping paper then wrap them in pairs. Packing this way will prevent your expensive shoes from getting scratched.

If you do not have wrapping paper, you can also use soft fabric for packing your shoes. Socks also protect your shoes from scratches when moving to a new home or a trip. Push the socks into the toe area inside the shoes so that the shape of your shoe does not deteriorate.

This method is helpful in two ways, one is to protect your shoes from scars and the other is to do the packing work. If you are packing high heels, pack carefully because the slightest carelessness can ruin their shape. However, you can also pack your shoes with help of a plastic bag and secure your shoes during the move.

Pro Tip: Try not to pack your shoes in a plastic bag as this will create moisture in the shoes which can cause odor and damage.

#6 Try to Pack your Shoes in their Original Boxes

Whenever you buy branded or expensive shoes, they pack them in specially designed boxes and give them to you. These boxes are specially designed to help protect your shoe shape from being damaged. If you are handling these boxes then you are a very smart person and you can pack them in their original boxes during the move so that you can protect them more effectively.

Original shoe boxes have a standard place to keep pairs of shoes so that they do not get damaged. There is also a very low chance of dust particles going into these boxes, which preserves their original polish. If you do not have the original boxes, use shoe boxes that are about the same size.

But keep in mind that if you have more pairs of shoes available; choose a large box and pack the shoes in the same box with necessary safety measures.

#7 Pack Heavy Shoes First

If you intend to pack more pairs together in a large box, pack heavy shoes first and place them on the bottom surface. As the weight of the shoes becomes too much, apply an extra layer of the sheet under the box keeping safety in mind. Do not place the shoes upside down, but lay a sheet in the middle so that the shoes do not get damaged and retain their shape.

An additional function to pack more securely is to pack the shoes in small boxes first and then pack them in a large box. That way you do not have to worry about your shoes getting damaged. And this is the most effective step regarding how to pack shoes for moving.

Try not to overfill the large box as much as possible. When packing more shoes, do not let all the shoes get damaged due to being overload. After completing the packing, close it with tape and mark with a marker which is the straight direction. Never put heavy shoes on top as doing so will overwhelm the shoes below.

Keep in mind the weather condition and if it is raining, keep the large box protected from moisture.

#8 Shoe Side Must be Kept in Mind

After completing the work of heavy shoes, it is the turn of light weight shoes. Place them on the side of the box so that the box will get proper support. Remember not to overfill the box as long dress shoes at the bottom of the box will press the rest of the shoes.

As you know sneakers and summer sandals are less sensitive so there may be flexibility in their case. But do not show too much flexibility because it can damage your shoes. If you are going to a wedding party etc, it is not necessary to take large boxes with you, but in that case, you should choose the shoe closet door or hanger.

This is even better if you already have it available and it will make your packing even easier.

Pro Tip: Choose a packing option that is not too much difficult to unpack.

#9 Choose Proper Footwear for Moving

The packing process is incomplete without choosing suitable shoes for your move. The best way to store shoes is another task ahead after the move. Remember to choose comfortable shoes before leaving the house so that your journey will be awesome.

If your feet are not comfortable, your whole body will be restless. Avoid wearing flip flops when moving in the summer. Choosing closed-toe shoes is the best option as they are comfortable and do not deteriorate in the case of the rainy season.

#10 Transportation Management

The process of transporting the shoes will be much easier once you have packed the shoes using the proper process. If you are moving on the car, be careful while loading boxes. Place the heavyweight boxes below and the lightweight boxes above them.

 If you are moving with some people who have experience in packing and unpacking, give them a chance. Give them a chance without judging because they are professionals and know better how to handle this task.

Importance of Quality Packing – Efficient way to pack shoes for a move

Packing shoes is important because it has many benefits. After disclosing some useful hacks and tips about how to pack shoes for moving, now I will share with you some of the major benefits of quality packing. This will make you realize that the packing of the shoes is not without reason.

#1 Easy Identification

When you pack shoes, you can write in detail about them on the packing boxes with the help of the marker. This you can easily identify what is in the box and you do not have to worry too much. And this way your job becomes much easier.

#2 Easy Opening

If you have done the packing properly, you can be sure that the unpacking process will be much easier. So try to work like a professional when packing your shoes for moving somewhere. You will realize how easy it feels to do just a few things.

#3 Easy Storage

When you move into a new home, you should pack your shoes in large boxes that will make it much easier for you to store them properly in a new location. Making storage easier will take half the burden off your head.

#4 Easy to Recycle

It is advised to choose boxes that can be easily recycled. On the one hand, your work will be done and on other hand, recycling the boxes will become a positive aspect of reducing the environmental pollution.

#5 Fewer Damage Chances

Most people break all their shoes when moving to a new home or on a long trip and the only reason is that they did not properly pack the process. So the best packing prevents your shoes from getting damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to pack shoes for travel?

When you are going on a long tour or a trip, you must have to pack all your belongings with you and it is important to keep them in balance. The most important of these is packing shoes. First, there are some items that you must have before you start packing such as packing tape, old shoe boxes, original shoe boxes, packing paper, paper cutter, and boxes of different sizes.
Then your packing process starts and for that, you have to follow a few simple steps.
 Always choose the necessary shoes with you
 Before packing must clean or dry your shoes
 Make categories of your shoes accordingly
 Stuff your shoes with socks or paper if required
 Pack heavy shoes first then lightweight shoes
 Choose suitable footwear for moving
 Make necessary transportation

How to pack shoes in the suitcase?

If you are leaving for a meeting or on an air trip, you must pack your suitcase and take it with you. And obviously, you have to take your shoes with you, so let me tell you a few important steps to pack a suitcase.
 Take just necessary shoes with you
 Measure the size of your suitcase first
 Must stuff your shoes
 Pack your shoes in layers
 Must protect your dresses

How long before moving should you start packing?

Whenever you have to move, the most important question that comes to mind is when to start packing. The answer is that packing should be started as soon as possible to avoid extra burden and stress. Now it is not a good idea to start packing a couple of months in advance, but it should start about three weeks before the move.
Here are some overwhelming guidelines to help you get started;
 First, search for a suitable place for packed boxes
 Then you must start with you stored belongings
 Season and weather conditions of destination must be kept in mind
 Start with heavy and big volume items
 Pack kitchen related items just a week before your move
 At last pack your bedroom related items

How do you pack shoes without a box?

The most difficult time is when you have to move and you do not have boxes to pack your shoes. There is also a risk that expensive and favorite shoes will be damaged. Do not worry; I am going to share with you a few methods that will help you in packing your shoes without boxes.
 Use simple paper or socks to stuff the shoes
 By using bubble paper wrap them in pair


It takes you almost a while to collect attractive and quality shoes. And if they go bad because of your slightest carelessness or not being able to work a little, no one likes it. So store your shoes well and pack your shoes according to the instructions “how to pack shoes for moving”, especially when moving to a new home, long tour, or a trip.

Once you have packed your shoes with a little effort and reached your destination, you will find that you enjoy unpacking and handling them easily, you will reap the rewards of your hard work. So show smartness and make it easy for you to avoid difficulties and expenses.

To the best of my knowledge, I have listed all the information that will help you with packing for the move. Now it is up to you to practice them well and tell us what else we can do better for you. You will definitely give your feedback by commenting on this post. Thank You.