what are the best nurses shoes in 2020

Nurses are required to be on their feet for most of the day. This can lead to pain in their legs and back, as well as other leg problems. One way that nurses can help reduce these pains is by wearing proper shoes while they work.

            They must have to know about, what are the best nurses shoes that will be helpful in their daily routine. If wearing proper and better shoes can make them more focused on work, I suggest not ignoring this option at all.

Nurses spend most of their day standing on their feet. How can you help someone if you are not wearing proper shoes and due to this your own condition is not good? Therefore, even the smallest things in terms of a job should not be ignored. Always remember, your profession is very sensitive and there is no chance of making a mistake and even a small mistake can cause a lot of problems.

            Along with all these things, you respectable nurses must also take care of your health because you are a special asset to any nation. In this article, I will suggest shoes about best nurses shoes that should be worn during your job to provide extra comfort to you during working time. Here are some tips on what shoes will best suit your needs while working in a hospital or clinic setting.

Top 12 Best Shoes for Nurses:

            It is very important to select good and job-specific shoes and it is a difficult task but rest assured that I will make it very easy for you. I have chosen some specially designed the best shoes for nurses that will make a big change in their life. And you will feel that your working ability has also improved.

#1 Dansko Professional:

            Dansko Professionals are the best nursing shoes that are specially designed to provide extra comfort during long working hours. Dansko’s classic Professional shoe guarantees to keep you comfortable during hectic days on your feet. These are made of oiled leather and their iconic construction features are best for nursing staff.

With exceptional arch support features and legendary comfort, you will relax longer than you think. Not only are the designs of these shoes beautiful but their features are also amazing. In Denmark in 1990, these most comfortable shoes were discovered by a married couple; their names are Peter Kjellerupj and Mandy Cabot.

Main Features:

  • Due to arch support features, these are known as the most comfortable shoes in the world.
  • Padded instep caller available in these shoes to provide extra comfort during long working hours and walking.
  • For the protection of your toes, a roomy reinforced toe box is a very amazing feature of these shoes.


Material:Cabrio Leather (Polyurethane Sole)
Colors:Available in 9 beautiful colors
Heel Measurement:2 inches (approx)
Dimensions of Product:0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inch
Weight:2 Pounds
Product Model Number:Professional
Manufactured by:Dansko

Pros & Cons

  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Good for long working hours
  • The color choice range is pretty good
  • Best shoes for wide feet
  • Product quality needs improvement
  • Bottom of the shoes needs improvement

#2 Alegria Women’s Kayla:

            When we are talking about what are the best nurses shoes,  we cannot ignore Alegria Women’s Kalya. Wear this gorgeous clog and experience the support and comfort in the right way.

These shoes are constructed with a padded collar that gives a guarantee to provide ease to the feet. An additional feature of this clog is the signature footbed which is significantly designed to fit on your feet naturally. 

This clog helps to relieve fatigue that you gain in long working hours. Removable insole, arch support, and durability are supreme functions of these shoes. This clog is designed to encourage rocker walking motion to minimize joint pain.

Key Features:

  • The signature footbed of this clog is specifically designed to fit on your feet in the right way.
  • Arch support and removable insole features are unmatched.
  • This clog is an art of providing extra comfort during working in night shifts.


Colors:Available in 17 different colors
Heel Measurement:1.5 inch (approx)
Package Dimensions of Product:12 x 7.8 x 4.5 inch (approx)
Weight:2 Pounds
Manufactured by:Alegria

Pros & Cons

  • Due to arch support best nurse shoes
  • Good to reduce pain in joints
  • These help in curing plantar fasciitis
  • Suitable to wear when you have a long day ahead
  • Not suitable for all types of feet
  • Quality is not up to the mark

#3 Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog | Work Shoes, Nurse Shoes, Chef Shoes

            As everyone knows that nurses have to work for a long time in shifts, so these shoes are specially designed keeping in mind the style of work of nurses. It would be not too wrong to say that if you are a nurse, you must wear these shoes once.

Because of 100% crostile material these shoes are lightweight, comfortable, soft, non-marking, and superior-gripping. These clogs are designed for keeping hospitality, food service, and healthcare workers in mind.

These are light in weight that’s why you can wear these shoes during long working shifts. Crocs Women’s Mercy Work clogs are very easy to clean even you can clean these by using soap.

Main Features:

  • These are certified comfortable shoes for nurses who have to work in very long shifts
  • These shoes are designed to prevent women from falling while walking
  • Roomy fit comfort feature is best for those who have to work on feet for a long time


Material:100% Crostile (Rubber Sole)
Colors:4 Amazing Multi Colors
Heel Measurement:1 inch (approx)
Shaft Measurement:2 inches from arch
Product Package Dimensions:0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inch
Weight:14.82 Oz (approx)
Product Model Num:10876
Manufactured by:Crocs

Pros & Cons

  • Good to wear all-day
  • Great work shoes for nurses
  • Lightweight and comfort shoes
  • Easy to clean
  • Tight fit even with thin socks

#4 Skechers Men’s Classic Fit Delson Camben Sneaker:

            Delson Camben Sneakers are very lightweight and comfortable for your feet. This is the perfect combination of flexible comfort midsole and air-cooled memory insole foam. Laced front panel feature helps to wear these easily.

Padded collar provides extra comfort to the feet. These shoes are made of a material that does not hurt your feet and joints. You can wear these shoes for a long time and stay calm.

Side overlay panels along with perforation accents are specially designed for cooling effect.

Main Features:

  • Very soft and lightweight mesh fabric upper used in these shoes
  • Flexible shoes and shock absorbing amazing technology is used in these shoes. The cooling system is another amazing feature.


Material:Mesh Textile (Synthetic Sole)
Colors:Available in 7 Colors
Weight:11 Oz (approx)
Product Package Dimensions:13 x 9 x 5 inch
Product Model Num:65474W
Manufactured by:SKECHERS

Pros & Cons

  • Very flexible and comfortable shoes
  • Best nurse shoes at a good price range
  • Stylish and cool design
  • Perfect cooling system
  • Provide not much support
  • Very tight-fitting on toes

#5 Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

            As the name suggests, these shoes are very suitable and comfortable for the nursing staff. These shoes are made of leather and have special resistance to slipping. Because you are not afraid to slip, you can easily wear these shoes on the hospital floor.

These are comfortable and air due to arch support. A nurse needs the best choice so that she can avoid fatigue and work with satisfaction. These shoes are very light in weight so they do not cause much pain in your feet.

Main Features:

  • Great shoes for nurses due to their excellent arch support and lightweight feature
  • Specially designed keeping in mind the working style of the nursing staff


Colors:Black & White
Weight:12 Oz (approx)
Product Package Dimensions:1 x 1 x 1 inch
Product Model Number:Dove-K
Manufactured by:NurseMates

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • Best nursing shoes in the market
  • Resistance ability in slipping
  • Thick sole and best support in walk
  • Bonding material needs improvement
  • The enamel surface is not good

#6 Skechers Summits:

            Skechers Summits are made with 100% textile material along with synthetic sole. In the lifestyle footwear industry, Skechers is an award-winning brand that develops, designs, and markets the best footwear for everyone according to their professions.

Stretched mesh upper is used to keep your comfort all day. Memory foam insole supports and incredible comfort to your feet during working all day. When ordering, keep in mind that the weight of a single is stated in the description and can be more or less.

The size of the shaft should be measured low top from arch.

Main Features:

  • Stretched mesh upper is being used in these shoes that provide comfort to your feet all-day
  • These shoes are very lightweight and specially manufactured for those who have to work for a long time.


Material:100% Textile (Synthetic Sole)
Colors:17 different colors
Product Package Dimensions:10.7 x 8.2 x 4 inch
Weight:6.8 Oz (approx)
Product Model Num:12980
Manufactured by:SKECHERS

Pros & Cons

  • Best shoes for nurses and teachers
  • Very comfortable and durable shoes
  • Lightweight and beautiful design
  • The grip on the floor is good
  • A little tight shoes but comfortable
  • Produce a little noise while walking

#7 Skechers Performance Go Walk Max – 54601

            By purchasing these shoes you will get maximum comfort and cushioning while walking or running. If you are searching for what are the best nurses shoes, so do not waste your valuable time and select these shoes once, I am 100% sure that you will feel a big change in your daily routine working life.

These are designed by using Skechers Performance technology and perfect material so that these are not only good for nursing staff but also the best choice for athletes. Upperside of the shoe is made using excellent light weight mesh fabric for the ideal fit.

For stability, toe and heel panels are made using solid weave mesh fabric. For maximum support and cushioning insole of the shoe is made by Goga max technology.

Main Features:

  • For stability, toe and heel panels of the shoes are made sold weave mesh fabric. Moreover, for maximum cushioning and support insole is made by using Goga max technology.
  • For ideal fit upper of the shoe is made of lightweight mesh fabric. For the durability of the laces, a synthetic overlay has been made.
  • 5th Gen Sole; not only good for nursing staff but also the best choice for athletes.


Material:Imported (Synthetic Sole)
Colors:Available in 10 different color combinations
Width Options:Medium, Narrow, Extra Wide
Insole:Goga Max
Midsole:5 GEN
Product Package Dimensions:5 x 5 x 0.7 inch
Weight:10.4 Oz
Product Model Num:54601
Manufactured By:Skechers

Pros & Cons

  • Best shoes for walking and running
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable shoes for an extended period
  • The perfect combination for nursing staff
  • Bottom stick to the ground on smooth surfaces

#8 Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

            I am sure that such a comfortable shoe and a shoe that can be easily worn and taken off you have hardly ever experienced before. A slip resistance outsole and an easily adjustable hook & loop closure permit for confidence on every single step.

This shoe has stain resistance upper and suede leather insole. This shoe is unique because it is hand sewn. Leather, patent leather, and suede materials combinations have been used in the manufacturing of these shoes.

Due to the upper part, this shoe is very comfortable and airy which does not cause sweat on the feet.

Main Feature:

  • Due to slip resistance outsole and easily adjustable hook & loop closure, this shoe provides extra comfort to your feet.
  • The most special thing about these shoes is that they are sewn by hands and nowadays such shoes are rarely available in the market.


Material:Leather, Patent Leather, Suede
Colors:Available in multiple colors
Product Package Dimensions:11 x 7 x 4 inch
Weight:13 Oz (approx)
Product Model Num:Paloma
Manufactured by:Pepper Gate Footwear Inc

Pros & Cons

  • Super comfortable shoes ever
  • The attractive combination of design and color
  • Very stiff leather used
  • Very good package at this price range
  • Good working shoes for nurses
  • You may face a size difference problem in pair
  • Sole quality needs improvement

#9 Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker

            These shoes are the best choice for nurses because of their comfortable features and unique style. You will love these shoes because of the very attractive stitching and the unique cleaning of the upper part.

The Union Jack eye-catching symbol is made just below the laces, which is very attractive. This brand is very famous around the world for making shoes for athletes as well as for working staff.

These princess sneakers are made with lightweight and durable material for providing comfort and soft support to your feet. Soft Terry lining feature helps to absorb moisture that keep your feet cool and dry.

These sneakers are the best choice for nursing staff and for those who have to walk for long distances.

Main Features:

  • To provide lightweight cushioning this footwear comes with padded foam. This feature makes it very easy for you to walk.
  • Not only for nursing staff, but these shoes are also very useful for athletes and for those who have to travel long distances.
  • Die-cut EVA midsole technology provides extra comfort to your feet.


Material:100% Synthetic Leather (Rubber Sole)
Colors:5 beautiful color combinations
Product Package Dimensions:0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inch
Weight:8.8 Oz (approx)
Product Model Num:1475
Manufactured by:Reebok

Pros & Cons

  • Keep your feet dry and cool
  • Comfortable shoes for hard floors
  • Provide relief in pain having flat feet
  • Very durable and good material used
  • Arch support was good in the previous version
  • Sometime you may face issue in size

#10 Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-ON II-M

            A shoe that is compatible with the environment is known as the best shoe and such shoes are preferred by the people. This shoe manufactured by Keen Utility is famous for its slip resistance and water resistance feature.

To provide your extra comfort all day, the cushioned footbed is specially made from memory and PU foam. This shoe is great for nurses as well as strongly recommended for chefs, hosts, waiter, and bartender.

While selecting a perfect combination of what are the best shoes for nurses, this should not be ignored. When working in hard conditions, these shoes provide special cover to your toes and work in the style of safety shoes.

Main Features:

  • The perfect combination of memory and PU foam keeps your feet comfortable while working in long shifts.
  • The oil resistance and slip resistance outsole maintain your shoes on the ground strictly so that you can work confidently even in hard conditions.


Material:100% Leather (Rubber Sole)
Product Package Dimensions:0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inch
Weight:15 Oz (approx)
Product Model Num:1006983
Manufactured by:KEEN Utility

Pros & Cons

  • Water and stain resistance upper
  • Manufactured according to safety measures
  • Most comfortable shoes for nurses
  • Beautiful style and durable shoes
  • Perfect for the rainy season
  • Color selection option is less
  • Slip resistance feature needs improvement

#11 Naturalizer Women’s Marianne Sneaker

            Naturalizer Women’s Sneaker will provide you comfort along with its trending sporty slip-on style. After wearing this, you will feel as someone has removed the extra weight from you. These are made of 100% leather with synthetic Sole.

Being light in weight, these shoes reduce your fatigue and you can wear them for a long time. These shoes are the best choice for nurses and available in many beautiful colors. As well as being the best shoes for nurses, you can also wear them in everyday life.

This is no less than the best gift for women in terms of the spring season.

Main Features:

  • Their sporty style attracts women and that is why these shoes are very popular around the globe.
  • Due to their lightweight feature, nurses can wear these shoes for a long time.


Material:100% Leather (Synthetic Sole)
Colors:Available in 23 attractive colors
Platform Measurement:0.75 inch (approx)
Product Package Dimensions:5 x 5 x 0.7 inch
Weight:9.4 Oz (approx)
Product Model Number:E7755L3002
Manufactured by:Naturalizer

Pros & Cons

  • Best to wear in the spring season
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Available in multiple attractive colors
  • The prices range is very good
  • Material quality needs improvement
  • Not good for the rainy season

#12 BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog

            Birkenstock is known as providing comfort shoes around the globe, and this Boston soft footbed leather clog is a proof. Signature footbed beautiful design provides optimal arch support and unbeatable stability.

This shoe is best for nurses, strolls in the park, relaxing on a lazy day, and for casual hikes. Leather, cork, a buckle or two; these are the amazing ideas that have made to keep your feet happy for a long period of time.

The shape of the unique Birkenstock footbed permits body weight to be distributed evenly over the entire foot, providing it with the finest support.

Main Features:

  • Optimal arch support and lightweight features make these shoes great and that’s why these can be wear during long working shifts.
  • Birkenstock is very famous due to making comfortable shoes and Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog is the proof of that.


Material:100% Leather or Fabric (Synthetic Sole)
Heel Measurement:0.75 inch (approx)
Platform Measurement:0.50 inch (approx)
Colors:14 Multiple Colors Options
Product Package Dimensions:5 x 5 x 5 inch
Weight:12 Oz (approx)
Product Model Num:N660473, R660471
Manufactured by:Birkenstock

Pros & Cons

  • Best casual shoes ever
  • Lightweight and comfortable shoes
  • The color range is very attractive
  • Best to wear for a long time
  • Quality needs improvement
  • Price is too high

What to look for when buying Nurses Shoes?

            This is the most important and difficult step while selecting what are the best nurses shoes. When buying shoes, it is important to remember, which shoes are the best option for you in terms of your job.

Here are some key things I would like to share with you by following which you can make the best choice. Below are some of the types that are designed specifically for nursing staff, by choosing one of these, you can focus more on your work.

Comfort and Weight:

 Since nurses have to wear shoes all day, that’s why shoes should be light in weight and very comfortable. Heavyweight shoes lower your comfort level and have a detrimental effect on your work.

If you wear proper nurse shoes that suit you, you feel for yourself how good your work is going. If you work at a desk, heavy shoes can be worn, but if you have to walk constantly, then try to wear lightweight shoes.

Stability and Support:

 Because nurses have to work long shifts, they should choose shoes that provide proper support and stability. Shoes that provide ankle and back support can help reduce your back, joint, and leg pain. So take special care when choosing shoes.

Slip Resistance:

 Keeping the hospital environment and floor in mind, choose shoes that are slip-resistance, as these will make it easier for you to walk. Do not let yourself fall to the ground while handling the patient, be careful.

Shape and Design:

 Nursing shoes are available in various designs, which are made by keeping medical conditions and the hospital environment in mind. I have mentioned the best nursing shoes among them. All you have to do is choose the shoes that are right for you according to the shape of your feet.

Working Style:

You need to select shoes that match your style of work. In hospitals, nurses have different styles and capacities of working, such as having to stand for a long time, having to work in operations theaters, and more often the work of nurses is related to lifting weights. So choose yourself according to your working style.

Warranty and Price:

 Never purchase too many expensive shoes. Because it is not necessary that expensive shoes are more reliable and have a good warranty. Choose shoes for yourself keeping your price range in mind.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the best shoes for nurses?

Shoes that are comfortable and supportive are best for nurses. Moreover, try to select slip resistance and water resistance shoes for the best results.

What are the best nurses’ shoes to wear?

Here are some recommendations about the best nurse shoes to wear that will provide you extra comfort and stability during work.
• Dansko Professional
• Alegria Women’s Kayla
• Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford
• Skechers Performance Go Walk Max – 54601
• Naturalizer Women’s Marianne Sneaker

What are the best tennis shoes for nurses?

Some of the best tennis shoe options for nurses are as under:
• Skechers Performance Go Walk Max – 54601
• Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker

What kind of shoes should I wear to nursing school?

Nursing students should wear sneakers, clogs, casual shoes, and crocs while going to nursing school.


            It is clear that nurses have a special place in daily life and they have a deep connection with our lives. Since nurses’ work is not very easy, they should choose their working dress and shoes according to their work in a way that does not hinder their job.

To make it easy for you in a selection of what are the best nurses’ shoes, I have mentioned some of the best nurse’s shoes in this article. I am sure that you will feel extra comfort after wearing them. Do not forget to share your experience with us via your valuable comments.

Thank you.