what shoes to wear to an interview

The job search begins as soon as the study is over but over time, the quality sense of dressing is also changing. Impressing an employer during the job interview is the most difficult step. To do the same not only educational skills but the perfect combination of Interview dressing sense is also required.

            During the selection of job interview dress, what shoes to wear to an interview is also an important part for both men and women. The selection of interview shoes according to wearing is the most difficult thing, but we will make that very easy for you.

If you are wearing the perfect combination, your confidence level will also increase. First, we will talk about the reasons for what a perfect wearing combination of an interview is matter.

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Why a perfect job Interview dress combination matter?

  • Most people think that formal dresses with formal shoes are better for job interviews. Due to the reason formal dresses are worn during most of the working environments, it is not necessary to wear formal dresses during a job interview. This can have a detrimental effect on your selection.
  • In most companies, a large number of persons apply for the same job; so in that case, your bad dressing sense can be the reason why you are not being selected by the human resource department.
  • Even the number of applicants is not up to the mark; your personality should look unique. Interview shoes will play a vital role to determine your personality.
  • If you are not well dressed, the employer can reject you by assuming that how a person can fit in the working environment the one even doesn’t know about dressing sense.
  • So it is certain that not only educational skills but also interview dress with proper interview shoes are very important in an interview.

Now we will discuss what shoes to wear to an interview in detail so that your personality can play a significant role in your selection procedure.

What shoes a man should wear to an interview?

            An interview is not only a job selection process but also a way to meet your future boss. So there you also have to win the attention of your future boss. The selection of interview shoes for men is very necessary among all other things in preparation for an ideal job interview. Many employers evaluate your personality by looking at your shoes. It feels bad if your shoes become an obstacle in your selection. Therefore, pay special attention to the choice and think precisely about what shoes to wear to an interview.

            Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best shoes for an interview.

1. Shoes should Look Sharp:

Always keep in mind, it does not matter how costly shoes you have or who is the manufacturer of your shoes; but the looking of the shoe matters. Shoes should look beautiful and the interviewer or the employer of the company will understand what a great choice you have.

If the shoes look tremendous, understand that you have taken a step closer to the job.

2. Must Conform to Office Culture:

It is important to know the culture of the company before choosing shoes. If the company is related to technical work, never wear dress shoes for a job interview it means you have a lost job before starting.

Always choose interview shoes keeping the company’s working environment in mind.

3. Must be Matching with Outfit:

Before going for a job interview, remember to always wear shoes that match your outfit perfectly. Do not wear interview shoes in a different style from your outfit. Doing so will put a negative impact on your personality.

4. Must know about Current Fashion:

You must have to know about what is in trending now a day, this is how you will look different from all other applicants. That way the boss will be impressed by you.

5. Budget Shopping:

Since you have to give probably more than one interview, so try to buy the remaining in your budget and purchase multiple interview shoes for different working places according to your credentials.

6. Shoe Options

Always wear appropriate shoes according to the working culture and environment of the company.

7. Lace-Ups

Simple and elegant men’s lace-ups shoes are available in different beautiful styles. They are also known as Oxford-style shoes in the market. These shoes are usually made of smooth leather in shades of black and dark brown.

It is very suitable to wear while going to the interview. It would not be wrong to say that they enhance the dignity of your personality. It is great to wear them with decent dress pants and sober dress shirts.

8. Brogues

In simple words, Brogues are those shoes that have a close lacing system. Some parts of the shoe that hold the shoe sheets are sewn under the vamp instead of the top.

This style of shoe is called brogue. For interview purposes wearing them with elegant dresses is very suitable to enhance your personality. It is not only necessary to be literate, it is more important to look literate.

What shoes should a woman wear to an interview?

                As everyone knows that; women are considered as fashion icons of society, but it’s really hard for them what shoes to wear to an interview. Most women have a wide range of shoes and clothing but when it comes time to go for an interview they have no option to choose. Don’t worry after reading this you will feel comfortable and easy to choose.

First of all, let’s talk about some tips about the selection of interview shoes for women.

Shoe Styles

During the selection of interview shoes first of all keep in mind that style must be appropriate according to your outfit. Always try to use Court Shoes, Brogues Ballerina Flats, etc; these are the best styles available for women to wear during an interview.

Court Shoes

These shoes were worn in royal courts at royal courts years ago, which is why they are called court shoes. In an interview, shoes of this style significantly enhance the personality of women. Wearing them while going to the interview can be very good for you.


In interviews, Brogue-style elegant shoes are very suitable not only for men but also for women. Wearing them with a skirt can be great for you. And remember, it is important to win the trust and attention of your future boss.

The interviewer can tell by looking at your personality how much you have.

Ballerina Flats:

Although these types of shoes are not comfortable, they are suitable for wearing in interviews. Avoid wearing these types of shoes if you know there may be a long line at the interview. But remember, good opportunities do not come often.

Size, Color & Comfort

Try to wear shoes of white, black, or any of suitable color which perfectly will match with your outfit. The size of shoes is one of the important things; never wear very tight or loose shoes, it will not make you feel at ease and will make it difficult to walk.

Fashion and Office Culture

Office culture and current fashion should also be kept in mind while selecting shoes for a job interview. Keep in mind that you are not going to a fashion show. To put the best impression on future boss try to select according to the working environment of the company.

Wear Sharp Look Shoes

Try to wear sharp look shoes as it enhances your personality. Wearing old or damaged shoes can affect your selection in a job. So be careful and try to give your best not just with your educational credentials but also with your personality.

 What things anyone should not wear to a job interview?

Keep in your mind that our working future totally depends upon job interview so it has very importance in working life. Before going for an interview you need to wholly understand the working culture of the company so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Here I would like to focus on those things which you should not wear to a job interview.

Casual Dress:

To go for a job interview you should avoid wearing casual dressing like Jeans and a T-Shirt. It does not matter who the employer is, if you will wear a casual dress it will put a negative impression upon your personality.

Flip-Flops and Sandals:

Just like ripped jeans and T-shirts, you should avoid wearing open sandals and flip-flops. It will represent your unprofessionalism. Wearing sandals has a very bad effect on your personality.

Fashionable Jewelry:

In a female case wearing jewelry represent your personality as unprofessional towards your job interview. You are not going to a wedding party or club, that’s why you have to keep the decorum of the interview in mind. Wearing too much jewelry can affect your selection process.

Heavy Make-up:

As jewelry refrain from extra make-up. This could be put a negative impact on the employer’s book. Do light makeover if necessary. Not everyone likes make-up so it is best to avoid it when going to an interview.

This should be avoided not only when going for an interview but also when going to a job after selection.

Heavy Perfume:

Do not apply heavy perfume for going on an interview. If someone from the employer side has an allergy problem it will hurt your job goal. Not everyone likes too much perfume and other artificial fragrances so avoid it.

The strong smell of perfume makes the environment unpleasant.

Extreme High Heels:

Avoid wearing high heels as it also makes it difficult to walk. Wearing them will make you uncomfortable and your interview can be bad.

Think yourself what it would be like if the selection process went bad just because the shoes were not comfortable. Wearing high heels also increases the risk of falling.

Dirty, Worn Shoes and Sneakers:

Now it must be known that no one likes bad or dirty dresses, worn shoes, and sneakers. You are not going to exercise or walk in which you prefer to wear sneakers so it should be avoided. It does not matter if the dress is old, but it should not be torn.

Bright Colors:

Avoid wearing brightly colored dresses; this will hurt your personality. Try to prefer decent colors. Avoid wearing those colors which are specially made for parties or wedding ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions: What shoes to wear to an interview

What should a man take care of before going for a job interview?

You need to know the company environment before going for an interview and you have to prepare yourself accordingly.

What kind of dress and shoes should be worn?

Try to wear a clean and decent dress, preferably dress pants and dress shirt of sober colors and wear matching oxford style shoes according to the outfit.

Only wearing a good dress and good shoes well enough to impress the boss?

No, speak well, use a decent scent, put a smile on your face, and do not try to be too smart.

What type of shoes should women wear for a job interview?

Women should wear Court Shoes, Brogues, and Ballerina Flats when going to a job interview.

What should not wear to going for a job interview?

When you are going for a job interview you must avoid wearing sneakers, flip-flops, heavy jewelry, high heels, worn shoes, bright colors, and casual dressing.

Is dress combination matters in a job interview?

Yes, it represents your personality even in most job environments the employer will select you for the job just because of your good dressing sense.


Try to give your best and apply what I have disclosed in this article for a positive impact on your personality while giving interviews. You do not need to be selected for the job on your first attempt but always tries to learn more and be more prepared.

Keep trying to improve your personality and never give up. Hopefully, I have disclosed all of the information about wearing sense to go on an interview.

Especially my focus was on what shoes to wear to an interview? and I am sure after reading this article you are now able to understand the shoes wearing sense as well as what should not wear on to a job interview. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback via your comments. Thank You.