what shoes to wear with tuxedo

Do you have an invitation to a high-status party, a red carpet ceremony, or about to enter in a wedding ceremony? You must be looking according to the standards and occasion. The first thinking can be, let’s wear a suit, is it so?

All you need is to be formal, and a simple suit might feel too casual. If you are a groom and your bride is wearing a white gown instead, wearing a tuxedo can be a better choice to look even. Now the difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the lapel fabric used in a tux is usually a silk satin design.

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So, what shoes to wear with a tuxedo? The tuxedo without a proper pair of classic lace-ups or the patent leather shoes is not going to turn up the game. Toning it down would be ideal with regards to matching shoes. The tuxedo is to attract the eye up to your face, and no one will visually connect if you are wearing a hi-top pair of shoes. And even if you are keeping it simple, you have to make some decisions.

What to Consider before buying?

Apart from keeping the usual points in mind before making a purchase of about tuxedo shoes, here are some of the essential aspects that can elevate your overall style.

Keep it Simple

The tuxedo is to be a simple but still classic stylish look, and the matching shoes must follow that same rule. No matter what, you are always going to have simple and elegant shoes. The style gap will be filled with your pants, jacket, shirt, and watch pieces. Keeping your classic shoes in line will make a good impression than flashy ones.

Know the Shoe Material

A classy traditional tuxedo pair of shoes made with materials like velvet, patent leather, or calfskin leather. The best choice can be patent leather shoes to wear with a tuxedo. There are also whole-cut leather shoes that look-alike patent leather. Calfskin shoes are more on the comfort side, and patent leather shoes are a bit expensive but will last for years. Velvet provides an eccentric look, but not everybody can pull off their charm.

Buying or Renting

You can rent out shoes with tuxedos for a period but doing so is not highly recommended. As your body structure is distinctive, the rented tuxedos and shoes will not fit you properly. However, they will not grow on your style as well. In the case of a tuxedo, you will need to hem it ideally according to your size but still finding the right tuxedo boots will be way much grinding. And to solve this, we have some affordable choices that have nearly the same cost as the rented ones.

Shoe Style

The three main classifications of tuxedo shoes are Oxford, Pump, and Loafer. The Pumps are not for all occasions and are not much preferred by people. Oxfords are classic laceless or lace-up styled shoes that are easy to clean and comfortable. Loafers, on the other hand, are laceless, slip-on, and have a silky fabric on top. Loafers befit with skinny fitting tuxedos.

Another aspect is to be always genuine and go with your style instead of being enforced by any stylist. In case of feeling a lack of styling, try to shop for a while, and you’ll eventually find your best style look. Once that is over, find the shoes for tuxedos.

Do Not  Overdo

Once you stepped into a store for purchase, you are probably going to find some highly intriguing pieces of essentials that might be the reason that women took too much time in shopping. By the way, the point is those velvety colored fancy shoes might feel like a good idea, but that feeling will vaporize as you enter the room finding the people looking classier than yourself. Buy traditional, instead of bulky sneakers to stand out that could go wrong.

Best Tuxedo Shoes for Men

From the different variety of shoes with laces, without laces and slip-on, a few best picks are given here:

#1 Stacy Adams Gala Cap-Toe Lace-Up Oxford Shoes

The Cap-toe laces shoes that are 100% handmade with different colors and at affordable prices. The rubber sole is to prevent slipping, and lace-up closure is for a figure-hugging and comfortable fit.

The memory foam cushioned insole that spans from heel to toe, and round cap style accommodates big and wide feet. The one inch long and stacked heel gives a shock-free experience and balances the height with tuxedo pants.

These synthetic patent leather shoes for tuxedos are best for black tie events. The horizontal stitching across the toe and the tight eyelets with long throat provides a classy formal look that is suitable for formal gathering or galas.


  • Weight                        0.88 pounds. / 14 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             6-15 US. (D-medium)
  • Color Variations          Black, White, Red, Gray, Navy.
  • Material                       Patent Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Rich patent leather with a gloss upper finish.
  • Memory foam insole for comfort.
  • Synthetic flexible outer sole with printed detailing for traction and durability.
  • Blind eyelets lace-up closure for a cozy fit.
  • Affordable with arc support.
  • Cushioning might be of low quality.
  • May cause blisters and hotspots.
  • Non-removable insole.
  • Go for a larger size to avoid inconvenience.

#2 KENNETH COLE Unlisted Men’s H-eel The World Oxford Shoes

These are the lace-up Oxford tuxedo shoes and budget-friendly made with a synthetic material that imitates the feel and look of the leather. A soft and soaked cloth can be used to entirely clean and wipe down the material.

It has a small heel with the rubber sole for added traction if you are looking for adequate height. The high-quality laces will not suddenly break while providing a comfortable fit. The rounded cap-shaped support on the heel bestows a better fit and enough space from heel to toe.


  • Weight                        1.9 pounds. / 30 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             7-14 US. (Medium Width)
  • Color Variations          Black.
  • Material                       Synthetic shiny material.

Pros & Cons

  • Synthetic material with a shiny finish.
  • Sole made with rubber for added traction.
  • Quality laces tend to last longer.
  • Easy to clean material.
  • Affordable shoes for a tuxedo.
  • Prone to tearing and creases may appear.
  • No arc support was included.
  • Non-removable insole.
  • A larger size is preferred.

#3 Zengara Men’s Z30028 Oxford Tuxedo Shoes

The Zengara Z30028 are classic styling tuxedo shoes that may outshine your day perfect for formal attire. Smooth, shiny faux patent leather top construction with a squared toe, delicate lining, and cushioned sole are making it eligible to be the desired shoes to wear with a tuxedo.

The rubber sole offers even weight support and comfort. The lesser is more, evenly apply on these shoes as these are single leather upper shoes without any discontinuity or design.

Soft insole and rubber outsole are the ultimate shock-absorbing and comfort providers. Roomy construction makes it easier to wear and preventing any discomfort all day long.


  • Weight                        2 pounds. / 32 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             8-14 US. (Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black.
  • Material                       Patent Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium quality patent leather material.
  • Square toe design provides adequate space.
  • Durable rubber outsole for better shock absorption.
  • Faux leather lining with cushioned insole.
  • Quite affordable tuxedo shoes.
  • Thin leather upper construction.
  • May feel uncomfortable on ankles.
  • Non-removable insole.

#4 Calvin Klein Brodie Oxford Leather Shoes

An Oxford style and a very classic look tuxedo boots made with 100% leather, lace-up closure, and seaming details. The ideal shoes to wear in high class or black-tie parties, wedding occasions, or even in award ceremonies with minimal aesthetic and persuasive design.

This classic stylish looking formal dress shoes made with soft Nappa leather, a derby construction with a rounded toe design. Flexible build gives good mobility and shock-absorption. These shoes are suitable for both formal and semiformal events that have bright and bold shine and can perfectly align with cuff-less pants.

The soft leather material with the proper high quality cushioning can enhance all-day wear experience without having any hotspots or blisters. Calvin Klein provides a wide range of sizes and is convenient for men having wide and large feet.


  • Weight                        0.88 pounds. / 14 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             7-16 US. (Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black, Medium Brown, Oxblood.
  • Material                       100% Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium quality Nappel leather construction.
  • Square toe design with lace-up closure.
  • Durable rubber outsole with padded footbed.
  • Seaming details with tonal top-stitching.
  • The best affordable shoes to wear with a tuxedo.
  • Leather might feel as cheap.
  • May tear after a few months.
  • The bottom may get separated after a period.

#5 Calvin Klein Bernard Formal Dress Loafers

The Bernard Loafers are made from 100% leather and featuring a slip-on style and have a ribbon strap around the tongue. These are the modern footwear for tuxedos with a smooth upper finish and cushioning inside.

These are lace-less and scratch-resistant shoes and last longer than other leather shoes. The rubber sole keeps the users firm in their movements, and the heel provides a small bump in height as well.

These shoes tend to extend a bit, so if you have a long foot, you should avail the rounded toe designed shoes. These shoes are available in different large and wide size variations. These are the highly recommended shoes for a slim fit tuxedo.


  • Weight                        0.94 pounds. / 15 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             7-16 US. (Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black Patent, Black Dimpled Emboss Leather.
  • Material                       100% Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • 100% leather construction with slip-on style.
  • Ribbon, tonal topstitching, seaming details on the vamp.
  • Shock-absorbing rubber sole.
  • Flexible design with wide sizes.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Long expandable toe.
  • Narrow design requires breaks initially.
  • Less breathable than other shoes.
  • Can insert very thin insole.

#6 Florsheim Men’s Brookside Wingtip Oxford Shoes

The Florsheim Oxfords made with genuine soft leather upper with a modern profile with perforated patterns in the leather. Versatile shoes to wear with tuxedos or simple formal suits and even with jeans standing out with its graceful and strained simple style.

This elegant shoe is as good as it looks with five eyelets lace-up closure. The glossy leather surface provides a simple style with classic wing-tip detail. The foam foot-bed and stained leather outsole with rubber heel are the ultimate comfort providers with a shock-absorbing stable, and steady walk.


  • Weight                        0.91 pounds. / 14.5 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             7-15 US. (X-Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black.
  • Material                       100% Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Formal shoes with high shine leather construction.
  • Wing-tip styling with brogues toe design.
  • Toflex synthetic heel with a flexible outsole.
  • Cushioned insole with a soft footbed.
  • Stitching might wear out if not reinforced.
  • Insole leather walls may wear out.
  • Prone to scratches.

Best Tuxedo Shoes for Women

Women are known for their fashion sense and are well aware of trending dressing styles. The formal and black-tie events are emerging rapidly, with women tux appearances more often. An outfit cannot be a success without an essential element that is an outclassed shoe.

Here are some unique choices for women to choose from:

#7 Dr. Scholl’s Webster Women’s Loafer

The Webster Loafers are made with Microsuede fabric (bottle recycled) with soft lining. The slip-on fit style with the faux leather back pull tab makes it easy to wear tuxedo shoes. It has a strap on the tongue with an almond toe and lugs sole with an adequate length heal that provides some extra height.

The standout loafers are perfect for formal occasions and from work to weekend gatherings.


  • Weight                        1.65 pounds. / 26.4 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1.26 inch.
  • Size                             6-11 US. (Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black/Black Patent, Deep Space Navy, Toasted Taupe, Grey Flannel, Tan & Black.
  • Material                       Microsuede Fabric.

Pros & Cons

  • Microsuede, synthetic fiber upper with fabric lining.
  • Almond toe, and rubber sole.
  • Padded insole and footbed for comfort.
  • Easy to wear slip-on style with pull tab.
  • Narrow size is preferred.
  • Might squeak a little initially.
  • Feet may feel pain (Will set in time).

#8 Dr. Scholl’s Agnes Women’s Loafer

These are daily go-to shoes with a tailored and comfortable style. The Agnes Loafers are quite similar to Webster Loafers but with a more formal look having Suede back and side construction with leather upper and strap around the tongue.

Slip-on fit, patent accents with all-day comforting cushioning, and shock absorption design construction are the main qualities of Agnes Loafers. The perfect foot pressure and a fatigue-free flexible insole make it one of the best and reliable women’s tuxedo shoes.


  • Weight                        1.4 pounds. / 22.4 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1 inch.
  • Size                             6-11 US. (X-Narrow, X-Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black, Taupe Grey.
  • Material                       Microfiber Patent Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Pointed toe with microfiber upper.
  • Patent accents with strap detailing.
  • A full day comfort and stress-free shoe.
  • Durable and flexible outsole.
  • Nat preferred for longer wear period.
  • Be conscious of the sizes available.
  • Select one size up than your actual size.

#9 Mephisto Women’s Sabatina Tuxedo Oxford Shoes

This enchantingly light Mephisto women’s slip-on is highly stylish and attractive to the eye. It comes with a removable footbed with flawless lining and a non-slip contour sole. The distinctive Soft Air Technology reduces hard and rough impact from walking to an utter bottom that allows an effortless and tender walk all day long.

The flat outsole is providing a non-slip experience. It has a pure leather build and the rubber sole creating an overall classy look and stability.


  • Weight                        0.63 pounds. / 10.08 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 1.25 inch.
  • Size                             5-11 US. (Wide)
  • Color Variations          Black.
  • Material                       Patent Leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Highly durable build with 100% leather.
  • True to width tuxedo flat sole shoes.
  • A full day comfort and stress-free shoe.
  • Durable and flexible design with comfort.
  • Not very high-quality laces.
  • A bit manly look.
  • Lace eyelets might be off-center.

#10 FISACE Women’s Casual Slip-On Loafer

These are the synthetic leatherette minimalist shoes for formal wear tuxedo shoes. These have a special to cut design that looks stylish yet providing better ventilation and comfort throughout the day, whether in the office or any formal occasion you are hopping.

A slight incline in the heel helps to enhance your height to some extent. The rubber outsole is providing skid prevention ability and allowing to run for a short distance.


  • Weight                        0.9 pounds. / 14.4 ounces.
  • Heel Height                 0.75 inch.
  • Size                             6-11 US. (Medium)
  • Color Variations          Multiple Variations.
  • Material                       Leatherette.

Pros & Cons

  • Thoughtful design with timeless wearing.
  • Versatile to match with any outfit.
  • The perfect balance of quality and style.
  • Overall a great value with maximum comfort.
  • Might not last long.
  • Could have a glue smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do tuxedo shoes have to be shiny?

Not necessarily! But they are meant to be classy looking, a bit glossy, and visible even in the dark to be a better eye stopper and can make you outstanding in a formal gathering.
But they are also available in suede fabric, but then they come in vibrant colors and are not easy to pull off.

What shoes to wear with a woman tuxedo?

Women’s feet are to be narrow and long that require tuxedo shoes that can provide a perfect snug fit with longer toes and less broad in size that to be worn all day long.

What shoes to wear with a tuxedo GQ?

That depends on the occasion, as if it’s a wedding ceremony, then the plain black shiny shoes will work.
If it’s a less formal gathering, then velvet loafers will make you stand out in the crowd, but then you need to be color-conscious in that case.


Looking classier in a room full of classic style people is a game-changer and can make you outstanding in front of everybody. You should follow some aspects of how to dress well, and what to join in assistants to hoist your general style.

We hope all that information made you aware enough for your betterment and need not ask anyone what shoes to wear with a tuxedo? Thanks for being connected so far!