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Are you a sports lover? Do you often take part in divisional or national-level competitions? If you are a sports enthusiast, then you must know the importance of an appropriate pair of shoes. Due to the immense popularity of badminton, professional players are also increasing. So it becomes tougher to become a national or international level badminton champion. It requires more practice and much more time.

People often play badminton for over enough time, resulting in knee pain and joint pain in some cases. It is recommended to use Badminton shoes for knee pain to avoid knee pain. The best badminton shoes for knee pain provide proper support to your feet. It also helps reduce knee pain mainly caused by jumping and landing during the game.

Wearing the right shoes creates a nuance in performance. Proper shoes are a bumper package that provides proper support to enhance agility. Appropriate shoes are a substantial element for making quick moves, smooth drifts, and high jumps. So, Look no further than today and explore the list of 5 best badminton shoes for knee pain.

Best badminton shoes for knee pain

List of Best badminton shoes for knee pain

1. YONEX Power cushion Comfort Z2 Men Badminton Shoe

These incredible Badminton shoes from Yonex are mainly made for Lin Dan (former Chinese player). Well, the Yonex Z2 men’s shoes come with an adorable combo of black and red colour. Besides its sleek design, the Comfort z2 is highly stable with premium manufacturing material.

Yonex Z2 secures the top position in our list of the best badminton shoes for knee pain. All because of power cushioning and ultimate comfortable wearing. They have a Power cushion+ heel and a low ankle cut, providing perfect fit and support.

These shoes have rubber outer soles, Graphite Sheet Power Cushion + smooth, bouncy midsole. Comfortable kicks come with elastic resign cushions and making them ultra-lightweight with only 335g weight.

The shoes have high shock absorption power, making them the best shoes for arthritic knees. If you are suffering from knee issues while playing, then Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z2 is the best fit for you.

Amazon Rating4.4 out of 5
ColorBlack and red
Out SoleComfortable rubber sole
ShapeRound with ultimate cushioning and laces


  • Power cushioning
  • Rubber sole
  • High shock absorption


  • Difficult to get in and out
  • Limited colors options
  • Narrow

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 – Best Running Shoes

Gel-Kayano 27 is highly recommended for those looking for the best shoes for knee pain when running. During testing, these footwear perform as an all-rounder pair of shoes. Gel-Kayano 27 are best fit for runners, badminton players, and those with knee injuries.

The shoes come with an incredible athletic appearance in 6 different colors. They have a comfortable cushion heel of 10mm in size. The excellent shock absorbers made it the best shoe for knee injuries. If we talk about quality, Asics is the all-time winner. Kayano 27 is an acronym for an Abrasive rubber sole, making it perfect for rough areas.

They are made from premium quality material and have advanced gel technology. The innovative rare-foot and fore-foot gel technology allows phase-off movements and swift jumping. The Eva shock liner provides shock protection and is the best shoe for arthritic knees.

The Gel-Kayano 27 is equally comfortable for all types of feet. The underpronation is for high arches. The overpronation is for flat or low arches. They are designed to reduce the risk of shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and ankle strain.


  • Perfect for all foot arches
  • Durability
  • Gel cushioning technology


  • Heavy

3. Babolat Men’s Shadow Tour Badminton Shoes

The Michelin and Babolat team designed these super comfortable and durable shoes. Babolat Tour badminton shoes are famous for their dynamic cushion heel and quality material. This pair of shoes is compact and elegant in 5 different colors.

A three-dimensional grip of Babolat shadow provides a firm grip. The grip and unique rubber formula make it best for running and smooth jumping. These tour shoes have a stiff rubber outer sole. The midsole has shock-absorbing features and make it the best badminton shoe for knee pain.

Babolat is available for both men and women to wear. The heel has cushion protection and a bi-density sole. The upper part can adjust with any foot’s size, ensuring the perfect fit and grip. The Shadow tours are comfy and are highly preferred for several hours of playing.

The soft, cosy heel foundation and durable outer structure make it the best heel for bad knees.


  • 3-dimensional grip
  • Bi density cushion sole
  • Michelin paddle


  • Too tight
  • Available in limited colour options

4. YONEX Power Cushion 65R 2 Ladies Badminton Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion 65R2 offers maximum agility with a stripped down 65EX design. They have a synthetic upper structure and a comfy inner sole. These sleek pink sneakers are super adorable.

These shoes are slightly narrow, but the durability and stability compensate for the adjustment. The ergo shape of Cushion 65R 2 has more forefoot stability. Also, the toe area of the shoes is compact and comfortable.

Although, the shoes are not available in men’s design. The ultimate cushion + technology provides proper heel protection. The shoes have a shock-absorbing feature to reduce any injuries during jumping. All these features make it one of the best badminton shoes for knee pain. If you are a badminton player facing knee issues, you must go for Yonex 65R 2 shoes.


  • Dynamic cushioning
  • Hexagrip sole
  • Shock absorb liner


  • Heavy

5. YONEX Power Cushion Cascade Drive Badminton Court Shoe

Yonex Cushion Cascade is a pure leather shoe with great comfort and perfect fit. The shoes come with a smooth leather appearance with two colours merging. You can get a grey, pale green combo or a blue, gold design. Power Cushion Cascade is highly durable because of leather manufacturing. The shoe’s upper part is made from synthetic leather, synthetic resin midsole, and rubber outsole.

They come with a lace-up closure and ultimate flat heel. These smooth, dynamic cushioning shoes are the best choice if you often experience knee pain. The power cushioning + and shock absorbers make it the best shoes for arthritic pain.

The shoe has a medium width. Its width is making it equally comfortable for both men and women. It comes with a toe-centric design to reduce pressure on the big toe. This fantastic feature provides support to the heel and swift footwork. The ultimate cushion feature and shock liner make it to our list of the best badminton shoes for knee pain.


  • Dynamic cushioning
  • Leather
  • Toe-centric design


  • Bit older design


In this article, we explored the best badminton shoes for knee pain to play well on the court. It is essential to buy the perfect footwear to enjoy the pain-free playing experience. We discussed good recommendations and many options for players who are suffering from knee pain.

The things you must remember while buying online are foot shape, flat feet and especially the playing style. Give priority to the excellent cushion technology, flexibility, arch support and stability to relieve knee pain in court play. Let’s enjoy the pain-free game now!

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