Best badminton shoes - the ultimate guide to winning

8 Best Badminton Shoes: The Ultimate Guide to Winning8 min read

Are you a pro badminton player and looking for a comfortable pair of shoes? Are you a beginner and want to improve your footwork without slips, which protects you from severe injuries? If yes, look no more than our comprehensive guide to the best badminton shoes.

The best lightweight badminton shoes give full support to the players to change their directions and move quickly without any hurdles. The proper selection of shoes can make an excellent difference in your performance on the court by getting complete stability and traction.

If you wear imperfect footwear on the court, there can be a risk of injury and ankle sprains. But, there are bulk options available on the internet that confuse you when selecting the best pair. Which features do good footwear offer? What are the affordable rates? Are badminton shoes different from other sports shoes?

We will answer all these questions to make your online selection easy. In this article, we will walk you through the list of Best badminton shoes in 2023 by exploring why the perfect footwear is essential to playing well on the court. So, sit back and explore the best court shoes for badminton!

Why is it so Important to Wear Proper Badminton Shoes?

Best badminton shoes - the ultimate guide to winning

Badminton is a fast game and requires a quick movement of players. Perfect shoes are crucial to a player’s activity and safety in this game. So, you must keep a few things in mind while shopping online.

There is a big difference between running and badminton shoes due to the features and specifications of different shoes for different surfaces. For example, if you play indoors, you should wear footwear with a firm grip and traction on the ground. But, if you want to play outside, you should buy shoes with treads which are suitable for many surfaces.

Top 8 Best Badminton Shoes in 2023

1. YONEX Women’s Badminton Shoe

Ideal for Sports
  • Light weighted sole
  • Graphite sheet, which provides the stability
  • Feather bounce form which provides comfort
  • The lateral Shell reduces lateral shake and stabilizes movement

Yonex Badminton Shoes are lightweight shoes and have good shock absorption capabilities. This super footwear comes with good cushion technology, which adds a bounce on every step. Its sole comprises a graphite sheet. This graphite sheet decreases the weight of the sole and provides more stability.

These shoes comprise synthetic fiber upper material, synthetic resin midsoles, and rubber soles for intense play. Its current price range is $124.86 – $139.88. These shoes come in different eye-catching color schemes like White Gold, White Orange, White Blue, Dark Grey, Blue Orange, and White Red.


  • Lightweight
  • Eye-catchy color schemes
  • Good grip


  • Costly

2. Li-Ning Badminton Shoe

Ultra Pro Speed
  • Light weighted
  • Enhance your performance by giving full support.
  • Ultra stable sole, Mesh, and rubber outsole
  • Breathable body

If you are a fast runner or badminton player looking for an excellent pair of shoes to give the best performance, then you are at the right blog. Lining badminton shoes gives superior stability and comfort. Its Lining ultra non-marking sole is unique and supports players on the court.

Lining Ultra Speed badminton shoes come with Faux Leather in different colors: black Red, Red Maroon, Yellow Blue, White Blue, Black Lime, Blue White, and Blue Lime Orange. Its price is $123 – Let’s level up with ultra-speed shoes to sky the court.


  • Firm grip on the court
  • Solid designs
  • Stability


  • Havier

3. ASICS Woman Gel Rocket 9

Professional Badminton Shoe
  • Flexible fitting
  • Medium-width shoe
  • Removable Sock liner
  • Gel cushion technology

ASICS Woman Gel Rocket Court footwear is the best professional badminton shoe in 2023. It is the most breathable and durable and meets all badminton needs on the court. These shoes offer stability and come with ethylene vinyl acetate.

It consists of a thick layer of chison gel. That layer handles the intense footwork and allows you to play on all courts. These shoes come in color schemes like Black Blue, Black Red, and Peacoat Coral. Its current price in the market is $86.98, an excellent option for money savers.


  • Smooth grip on the court
  • Good cushion technology
  • Flexibility


  • Narrow size at forefeet

4. ASICS Men’s Gel Rocket 10

Indoor Badminton Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-Up Closure
  • Synthetic Leather which provides support to feet
  • Perfect for all indoor games

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 10 are ideal shoes for badminton players. These footwear are perfect for both beginners and experts. Players feel secure and comfortable with quick movements. You can get more stability and flexibility for multi-directional movements.

These kicks are available in multiple colors: Island Blue/White, Lake Drive/Mako Blue, and Black/Gunmetal. For Indoor Sports, ASICS shoes are a good selection. You can get comfort due to gel cushioning in the forefoot. Its standard cost range is $59.88 – $69.95 in the market. Let’s buy it and add value to your money.


  • Perfect for Indoor Sports
  • Comfortable with quick movements


5. PUMA Men’s Super Liga OG Retro Sneaker

Extreme Comfort Shoe
  • Good stability spine
  • Better foot support on the court
  • Perfect Walking shoes
  • Rubber sole – Good flexibility according to size
  • Breathable

If you are lookinsg for excellent footwear to win the game, Puma Super Liga OG Retro shoes are the perfect option. The most important thing that comes to mind while selecting a sports shoe is to keep a good grip on all types of courts, and this depends upon the sole and material.

Puma Solarstrike shoes are durable and lightweight, giving you complete support during the game and boosting your energy. Its rubber sole provides you flexibility. This footwear comes with rebound foam, which is suitable for shock absorption and enhances your performance on the court. It is available in different colors in the market at price range from $62.28 – $64.99.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Best for only walking

6. Men’s YONEX Power Cushion Infinity2

Badminton Indoor Court Shoe
  • Power Graphite Sheet
  • Upper made up of Synthetic Fiber
  • Soft inner soles that give comfort to players
  • High breathable
  • Toughbrid Light

Power chusion and Toughbrid Light are the key features of YONEX Power Cushion Infinity2 – Men’s badminton shoes. These footwear encounter the impact of sudden starts and stops due to the good sole. You can get good stability and a muscular foot grip. These footwear are lightweight and sleek, suitable for Squash, Racquetball, Badminton, Table tennis, Pickleball, and Fencin courts.

This shoe has a eye catchy design that gives a stunning look and comfort. It is available at affordable rates and called the affordable badminton shoe to elevate the game. These kicks come in metallic red color. Yones footwears are a bargain for those players who want style and comfort with durability.


  • Durable Skin light
  • Rubber Outer sole


  • Only suitable for indoor game

7. Adidas Crazyflight – Best Court Shoes

  • Made up of recycled material
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Available in eye-catchy colors
  • Suitable for all types of games
  • Multiple attractive designs

Adidas crazyflight shoes are breathable and bouncy feel shoes. It was designed by Adidas, particularly for hokey players and volleyball players. But it was also used for badminton players too. It is made up of recycled materials almost 50% of the and is suitable for all types of games, not only specifically for badminton.

These shoes give flexibility while playing on the court with good traction on the floor. This kick comes in different eye-catching color schemes like Cloud White, Core Black, Navy Blue, Silver Metallic, Cloud White, and Pure White.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Narrower base for quick and sudden movements
  • Provide extra flexibility


  • Heavier
  • Less breathability

8. Babolat Men’s Shadow Professional Badminton Shoe

  • Rubber sole
  • 3D grip
  • Run with agility
  • Bi-Density sole
  • Breathing
  • AntiSlip
  • U-Shape

If you are a badminton lover and want support, speed, and agility, the Babolat Men’s Shadow Tour Badminton Shoes is the perfect selection. These shoes are made up of high-quality material for long time use. Its sole gives you a energy for remarkable performance.

The Babolat Men’s Shadow Tour Badminton Shoes are unique in design and gives explosive movements by three dimensional grip. They are durable and soft. These kicks are available in attractive design colors and are premium pick for badminton lovers.


  • It is less slippery and gives a full grip on the court
  • Breathable


  • Costly


In this article, we explore the best lightweight Badminton Shoes in 2023 with light soles and perfect cushion technology to give ultra speed to players. We enlisted all the comfortable and durable shoes that provide an excellent grip on the court for badminton, volleyball, and other games.

With the above guide, you can buy good badminton shoes within specific budget limitations. Every shoe has its unique features and benefits and shows compatibility. Our best badminton top premium picks can take your game to the next advanced level on the court.

Some shoes have advanced cushioning technology with rubber soles to reduce dampening, providing a good grip on all the foot regions. So, if you want to take your game to the next advanced level, buy the above shoes to sky up the badminton court.

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