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Are you a badminton enthusiast with wider feet worried about your court performance? We came with the exciting news. Perfect shoes for wide feet can be a game changer on the court. Badminton is a sport that demands a lot of footwork. For this, having badminton shoes tailored to the shape of your feet is necessary.

It is perfect to acquire the ideal match. Otherwise, you may experience pain and not play well. These are all the perspectives that you should keep in mind before selecting any shoe. If you are a player with wide feet, you always struggle while choosing the best badminton shoes for wide feet.

I am sure you are always left with the question: Are wide shoes better? Which badminton shoes are best for wide feet? Because there are different brands in the market regarding this. How can I select the best badminton shoes if you are pondering that? The kicks are suitable for you as a badminton player. Read our buying guide, where all the points mentioned are essential for selecting shoes.

Wide badminton shoes

What Should I Look for in Wide Foot Badminton Shoes?

As a badminton player, ordinary shoes used for running and gym work are not good. So before buying, you must note every point because this will help your badminton career and protect you from injury. Following are the points that you should keep in mind while choosing badminton shoes.

1. Non-Marking Sole

You have to change your position swiftly in badminton. Then, the grip on the court must be firm. This could only be acquired by non-marking soles of your shoes. These soles are made of rubber. You can easily recognize them by their colour. The colours are mainly light brown and clay.

2. Cushioning

In this fast game, you have to jump and land quickly. If you don’t have shoes with cushioning, then your knees absorb all shocks. You may get injured without this feature. Every time you purchase badminton shoes, notice this feature keenly.

3. Size and Fit

When you try the shoes, buy the pair with the best fit. The same is true when you choose shoes with wide feet. Tighten the laces as you do before playing. Now check the toe to see if it is the best fort. If yes, then the shoe is perfect; otherwise, try another. It will protect the ankle from tears and abrasions. You can also try ergo shoes, which are very flexible and stable.

4. Design and Material

Go for design and material and observe them with full attention. Most shoes are designed in such a way that they have bracings and provide more support. The pores for ventilation and the shoes capacity to absorb moisture are also necessary. The properties stated above help you select the best badminton shoes for you.

5. Weight

The weight of shoes matters a lot for a badminton player. It is between 250 and 330g. When you wear heavy shoes, you may need help while playing. So, the excellent shoes are the lightweight ones. Because lightweight shoes are easy to carry and don’t cause pain, It also depends on your budget and how much you invest in them.

Top Picks Best Badminton Shoes for Wide Feet

If you are still in a dilemma, which badminton shoes are best for wide feet? Then, here I am going to discuss some of them.

1. Yonex Cushion 65Z Series

The Yonex Cushion 65Z wide series is especially for players with wide feet. It’s sole composed of rubber. This is a water-resistant shoe. Its upper side is forged with about 90% recycled components, and its lower side assists in environmental conservation.

This kick is highly sustainable and has incredible environmentally friendly performance. You can easily grip the court with the rubber sole. It also helps you remain stable while playing. According to experts, this eco-friendly shoe is the best badminton shoe for wide feet. This is why the company always releases shoes with limited design to focus on sustainability.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable fit
  • Seamless upper and lateral shell
  • 28% shock Absorber and 62% repulsion


  • Too tight
  • Available in limited colours

2. Yonex Power Cushion PC 65Z3 – Best Badminton Shoes

Yonex Crafts badminton shoes are perfect for all wide-foot players. These shoes are not water-resistant and are made for both men and women. Its radial blade sole makes your grip strong on the court. Especially suitable for indoor games. Every time you jump and change your position, this wide badminton shoe series protects you. So, hard footwork becomes easy with this wide badminton shoe.


  • Good stability
  • Beautiful colour and design
  • Comfortable


  • Limited color options
  • Expensive

3. Yonex Men’s Badminton Shoes

Yonex Men’s Badminton Shoe is the perfect combo of style and performance. These kicks are perfectly crafted, wide badminton shoes. It is made up of breathable material with rubber soles and has a performance-oriented design.

These footwear provide quick and three dimensional movements to the players for good performance on a variety of courts. It is a perfect option for all wide feet players. Yonex Men’s badminton shoes are available at the cost of 149$. It is available in the market in the Yelow black combination scheme. This lightweight badminton shoe is available for both men and women.


  • Stable fit and lightweight
  • Beautiful colour combinations
  • Durable outsole


  • Available in only color so limited color options
  • Expensive
  • Only suitable for wide feet players

4. Asics Men’s Gel-Dedicate 8 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate tennis shoe is the most incredible product of asics badminton shoes for wide feet. These are the most stable and flexible shoes. This is While playing difficult shots in the game and changing positions quickly, this tennis shoe will keep you stable. So that you keep your full concentration on the game.

Wrap up the outsole and TRUSSTIC to keep your feet in place and make you more stable on the court. Extraordinary gel technology with cushioning acts as a shock absorber, thus reducing the possibility of any knee injury. Its dye sockliner reduces water use by 33% and the removal of carbon dioxide by 45%.


  • Affordable
  • Good fit and Comfortable
  • Nice look and sleek design


  • Hard insoles
  • Weird crinkle sound
  • Not stable for all type of courts

5. Adidas Men’s Game Court 2 Tennis Shoe – Eco Friendly

Adidas men’s game court shores are perfect for your badminton game. Its mesh upper is breathable and flexible. All wide feet players stay cool and competitive with this amazing feature of shoes. Its midsole is made up of EVA cushion technology. These shoes are eco-friendly and comfortable for all indoor games.

These kicks are made up of recycled materials. Its durable sole helps you to sky up all types of courts. Lightweight Adidas men’s game court shoes are ideal options for all players. It cost is 127$ and available in different colours: Red Blue, Blue Yellow and Yellow Blue.


  • Well performance on hard court
  • EVA Cushioning and Padded Collar
  • Breathable and Flexible


  • Little tighter due to narrow edge

6. YONEX Men Tennis Shoes- Best for Wide Feet

The seamless toung design YONEX Men Tennis shoes are called the best badminton shoes for all feet. This design of Yonex is for wide feet and is suitable for a variety of courts. Its perfect fitting makes it an ideal shoe for all game players, including badmintion and tennis ball.

These are flexible shoes for badminton enthusiasts due to their full support for quick movement during play. Its midsole is made up of a power graphite plate placed in the middle of shoes and reduce the pain for knee-affected players. So, it is lightweight and very easy to carry.


  • FLEXQUIP skin upper
  • Easy to carry due to light weight
  • For wide and high pitched feet


  • Little tighter
  • Available in only one color


This article cover the best badminton shoes for wide feet. Small things matter for great victories in any game, like your playing kit and especially the shoes you wear. For this selection, the best badminton shoes for wide or flat feet according to your foot shape are necessary.

Every player wants the best shoes to give the best performance on the court. For this we covered the top picks, including Yonex Cushion 65Z Series, Yonex Power Cushion PC 65Z3 – Best Badminton Shoes, Yonex Men’s Badminton Shoes, Asics Men’s Gel-Dedicate 8 Tennis Shoes, Adidas Men’s Game Court 2 Tennis Shoe – Eco Friendly and YONEX Men Tennis Shoes- Best for Wide Feet. Let’s buy today and make your game day memorable.

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